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Deep Sky

By deepsky / January 20, 2024

For nearly two decades, Deep Sky has been at the forefront of visualization, motion design, and live-action production, consistently delivering success for our clients.

Our team, composed of avid storytellers with a strong foundation in science, excels in collaborative efforts with ambitious brands, artists, and creatives worldwide. Our diverse portfolio includes everything from detailed technical product visualizations to engaging narrative-driven spots.

We are fervent believers in the transformative power of cutting-edge technologies, seeing them as essential tools for carving out a sustainable future. Leveraging our expertise and passion, we specialize in transforming complex technical subjects into clear, compelling narratives and visually stunning content.

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Imaginary Planet

By Imaginary Planet / January 20, 2024

Imaginary Planet is an independent animation studio, distinguished by our commitment to storytelling and character-driven narratives. We believe in the power of animation to bring stories to life in a way that captivates and resonates. Our studio specializes in a blend of traditional, mixed media, and digital animation techniques, allowing us to create a diverse array of content tailored to your needs. From compelling character animations for film and television to engaging content for digital platforms and brand storytelling, our portfolio is as varied as it is imaginative. 

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One Hundred Seconds

By Zach Shapiro / April 19, 2023

One Hundred Seconds distills your big, complex ideas into short, succinct stories. We have a proven process for working with non actors, allowing you to feel comfortable expressing your authentic self in front of the camera. We take your words and sculpt a compelling story with heart, like we’ve been doing since 2011.

We’re proudly driven by our values and show them through our actions. One Hundred Seconds has been a certified B Corp since 2016 and we donate 1% of profits to environmental nonprofits each year through 1% For the Planet. We’re also members of Business for a Better Portland.

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Anthony Hamblin

By Anthony Hamblin / May 29, 2021

I am a Videographer/DP
I work in all forms of digital media for social and advertising purposes to include:

Video Production
Color Grading

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The NW Collective

By ericparnell / December 11, 2020

Commercial video production for rad companies. We specialize in Brand Films and Commercials with a focus on outdoor, athletic lifestyle videos.

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By plazm / December 5, 2020

Plazm is a creative studio founded in Portland, Ore., in 1991 with the launch of Plazm magazine. Together with our clients, we solve problems, tell stories, and seek out truth.

In 2019 Plazm was nominated for the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award.

Plazm magazine started as a cooperatively published, not-for-profit periodical that sparked a nascent creative community in early 1990s Portland. As the magazine garnered accolades and awards, it spawned a commercial design and branding firm whose clients have included Nike, LucasFilm, and MTV, along with local businesses and nonprofits such as PICA, the Northwest Film Center, and Fort George Brewery.

Plazm Design co-founder Niko Courtelis moved back to Portland from New York City a few years ago. He and Joshua Berger have relaunched the studio with some of their long-term collaborators in fields such as font design, editorial content, and public policy. Niko and Josh launched The Portland Stamp Company in 2016. Plazm magazine is now published by PICA (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art) a 501c3 nonprofit, under Josh’s leadership as founding Art Director.

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By / October 8, 2020

LAWLESS is a full-scope production and creative house. Our foundation is in documentary production and has grown to include all forms of media. But our story roots run deep.

We're a trusted creative partner for our clients, brands, Fortune 500 companies, broadcasters & traditional agencies. We bring cinematic, emotional & kinetic skills to the digital world.

We have created projects in over 35 countries, and have vast production resources at our fingertips. If you need any kind of production or creative asset, or just don't know where to start, we're here to help.

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By Meister20 / October 6, 2020

Meister is a Portland based Creative Studio.

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Zebradonkey Media

By Eric Leuschner / August 6, 2020

My focus is on human voice and spoken word content. This includes recording, noise reduction, editing, sound design, mixing, and mastering. I also offer sound design and post-production for video. My home studio is powered by Pro Tools on iMac.

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Rivetry Design Studio

By / August 29, 2018

Rivetry is a brand design studio based in Portland, OR, helping businesses build and maintain engaging, consistent and effective visual identities. From high level strategy and branding pieces to individual campaign and collateral execution, we use a data-driven, empathy fueled approach to build effective creative solutions that drive results.

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Blue Chalk Media

By Blue Chalk / February 11, 2018

Blue Chalk Media is an award-winning production and media strategy company founded by proven business leaders who believe in the power of nonfiction visual storytelling.

As the use of video spreads rapidly across platforms, Blue Chalk Media is at the forefront of creating top-quality content for clients such as The New York Times, The Weather Channel, Discovery Education, and Carnegie Corporation of New York. Our work includes branded content, social impact videos, educational videos, and a variety of nonfiction series and projects for multi-platform distribution.

Apart from the work we do for brands and advocacy organizations, a separate division of the company produces content commissioned as journalism. These assignments may take the form of short- or long-form documentaries, series, photographic essays or interactive web content. Videos produced by Blue Chalk Journalism have been released by The New York Times and BBC World News.

While recognized for our cinematic shooting and editing styles, the heart of all Blue Chalk productions is the care taken in choosing characters whose stories resonate with viewers as authentic and powerful. Our goal is to apply the techniques and storytelling perspectives of the documentary filmmaker and photojournalist to all the work we do.

Blue Chalk Media is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, with an office in Portland, OR.

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BSE Films

By Philip Thompson / January 30, 2018

Creating Television Series for Global Networks

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Shields Films

By tshields2000 / August 17, 2016

With over 20 years of creating dynamic videos that get results, our award-winning film crew led by Travis Shields has got you covered. We've assembled an amazing crew of talent to cover any size project, so we can scale to fit your budget and vision.

We specialize in telling engaging branded stories for companies and entrepreneurs that connect with their audiences. We can step in at any point of your video planning process to work with your marketing team to craft the best story for your brand and products. We all love a good let's tell yours.

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Insomnia Graphics

By Jake Koprowski / June 2, 2016

Insomnia Graphics is a small company specializing in motion graphics, animation, javascript development, standard and rich banner ads and web design.

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Matt Harmon Audio

By mattharmonaudio / October 16, 2015

I run a small post-production audio / music studio, and I offer a range of mix and sound design options and music composition services for visual media, as well as voiceover recording and editing.  Expect quick turnaround times, competitive prices, and creative professional sounds for your project.

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Quick!HitRecord – Filmmaking and Videography Service

By QuickHitRecord / August 1, 2015

My cinematography and video work has been described as "serious", "precise", and "authentic". I routinely work with seasoned video producers, marketing and communications departments, and first-time filmmakers to help them tell their stories. I am fully insured and ready to help you capture a great-looking video that will keep your audience engaged.

As of May 2020, I am fully vaccinated against Covid-19. I continue to mask during indoor shoots as an extra precaution and I have invested in a wireless monitoring system to accommodate social distancing. I also offer streaming for clients who wish to monitor or direct from off-site locations. My goal is to help you execute a safe and productive shoot.

I work with many skilled crew members in and around the Pacific Northwest, and am happy to help you assemble a crew for your shoot. Please take a look at my reel, and don't hesitate to reach out if you think that I might be a good fit for your project.

Some kind words from my clients:

“Nick somehow manages to be intensely focused on a project, and at the same time, remains his easy-going, affable self. He is very aware of when he needs to get a shot quickly, and when it's important to pause and consider. He's a great idea-person, a trusted collaborator, and a great sounding board.”
- Rich Herstek, Writer & Director

"Nick nailed the concept from the start. The lighting set made my (awesome) clients look great and his calm nature set them at ease during interviews. The pure magic, though, was converting an hour's worth of raw material into a fast-paced story arc. Each idea he added brought new value to the finished product. I'm delighted with the end result!”
- Kira Higgs, Small Business Owner

“I've worked with Nick for years (since 2012). He has always been a top-notch video professional. Well-lit interviews, creative angles, thoughtfully edited pieces, and a knack for finding 'the shot'.”
- Joe Knapp, Video Producer & Director

“Nick is thoughtful, well organized, and quick to adjust to changes. The short film he produced and shot for me has been an invaluable marketing tool for my small business.”
- Bonnie Hildebrand, Small Business Owner

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BMD /// Brezinski Motion Design Co.

By bbrezinski / July 12, 2013

BMD is a full service post-production house located in the heart of Portland, Oregon. We've had the opportunity to work with many local and national companies helping their brand have a big presence in the market.

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DNA Studios

By / May 27, 2013

Storytelling is in our DNA.

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Intersect Video

By IntersectVideo / May 21, 2013

Company Description: Intersect Video specializes in professional video production, audio production, and dynamic multimedia production as well as multimedia localization for corporate, business, and industrial customers.

Typical client projects include:
- small business television commercials
- green screen video recording sessions
- trade show & other live event coverage
- corporate marketing communications
- educational & training videos
- web design & content creation
- dynamic flash based multimedia brochures
- corporate & industrial documentaries
- supplemental video recording for broadcast TV
- infomercial production

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Two Penguins

By twopenguins / May 16, 2013

Company Description: Two Penguins Productions is a full-service creative agency equipped to execute all phases of film and video production, still photography, music composition, and expert jet piloting.*

*we only have one jet**

**we have no jets. or jet flight skills.

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By fictionadmin / April 30, 2013

We help brands discover and tell their truth.

Fiction is a strategy and design studio. We partner with clients to forge lasting connections with their audience.

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Blackstone Edge Studios

By Philip Thompson / January 31, 2013

BSE Films focuses on creating streaming entertainment, and Drama on a broad range of platforms. Has sold programming to many global networks.


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By Outlier Solutions / December 13, 2011

Outlier is a visual content studio in Portland, Or., specializing in video production, 2d and 3d animation, motion graphics, and design.

At Outlier, we put video first because it has the power to bring people together and make exciting things happen. Our talented team can conceive, plan, and execute your next video campaign to put connection front and center.

Outlier has worked with brands to create great results for over 14 years. When you work with Outlier, you'll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of popular video options, including;

2D and 3D animation
Employee brand videos
Culture videos
Educational videos
Executive communication videos
Live action videos
Explainer videos
Social media shorts
Testimonial videos

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