Imaginary Planet

Imaginary Planet

Imaginary Planet is an independent animation studio, distinguished by our commitment to storytelling and character-driven narratives. We believe in the power of animation to bring stories to life in a way that captivates and resonates. Our studio specializes in a blend of traditional, mixed media, and digital animation techniques, allowing us to create a diverse array of content tailored to your needs. From compelling character animations for film and television to engaging content for digital platforms and brand storytelling, our portfolio is as varied as it is imaginative. 


2D animation, 3D animation, mixed media animation, music videos, animated commercials, animated trailers, animated promos, character development, character animation, traditional animation, series development, animated shorts, episodics


Turner, Bleacher Report, Deep Sky, Icon Motosports, Velvet Hammer, Red Light Management, Live Nation, Seahawks, R\West, Nike, DH, Tektronix, Reperio, Burmer Music, C3 Entertainment

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Film / Video / Animation
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Studio / Shop
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Jared Hobbs
317 SW Alder Street ste 1250, Portland, OR 97204