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Newest AdditionsMay 25, 2019

Illustration, Industrial Design

Product designer with 10 years of experience designing tile and home goods. I specialize in surface design.

What I do:
* Product development
* Surface design
* Illustration
* Print & pattern
* Product naming

My design style is modern, clean, and playful. Even when I design a serious product like tile, I like to add an element of fun.

I also illustrate people, and gravitate to projects with themes of diversity and inclusion.


Let’s be real. There is more to life than work. Which means, for me, there is more to life than retouching. That being said, work is important. It’s just not all-important. It ought to be a source of satisfaction (if done well), as well as a means of support for you and your loved ones. It should be fun! It should be challenging! If you’re pushing your personal envelope it should be occasionally frustrating! For me retouching is all of those things. I’ve spent literally decades honing this craft and, I am proud to say, have achieved a very high level of expertise. I can look at a raw image and, almost immediately, know how it should look and the best and most efficient way to get it there. In many ways retouching is second nature to me. It ought to be after nearly 25 years!


Crescendo Legal is Portland’s first law firm focusing on Music Law, Art Law, and Creative Business Law. I also practice Animal Law. My goal is to help artists and the businesses working with them or owned by them. I provide all forms of business services, from registration to employment contracts. I also register trademarks and copyrights. Check out my website at: www.crescendolegal.com.

Interactive / Web

Untold was created to help the companies we love make the amazing apps and websites they deserve. Experienced professionals, we believe in the relentless pursuit of excellence. For us, this means:

Exceptional products. We never settle for good enough and we never ship until a product meets our standards. We take immense pride in our work.

Engineering with purpose. Every member of the Untold team, no matter their role, has client goals foremost in mind. We are all advocates for project success and exceptional technology.

Stepping boldly into the unknown. Uncharted waters and difficult problems are all fair game. Because we intend to build exceptional, inspirational products, we welcome and encourage brand-new – and potentially risky – ideas.

Branding, Graphic Design, Interactive / Web

There’s an app for that. Except when there’s not.

Germinate is a custom application development agency, specializing in creating new apps and businesses from scratch, or increasing efficiency within existing businesses through custom app development. We work collaboratively with our clients to design and build web-based applications, and mobile PWA / iOS / Android apps. We work with large enterprises and small entities and have launched several new startups based on nothing more than an idea. We specialize in taking those new ideas and growing them into a new product through smart usability design and technical expertise that leverages a deeply experienced and passionate team. We love what we do, and it shows.

Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing, Photography, Writing

As a career marketing and communications professional, I have built both my own businesses and others. Primarily focused on small to mid-sized businesses, I can assist with the launch (branding, strategy, long and short-term planning, business development) as well as review/revise/rebrand of existing companies.

My skill set is expansive, from HTML/SEO and content media systems to social media and graphic design. Content writing, copywriting, social media images and content, creative design (advertising, logo/letterhead).

I am available per hour or per project.