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Newest AdditionsAug 17, 2018

Audio, Exhibits / Displays, Talent

Pythian Studios is an innovative event rental retreat to celebrate creativity, art, dance, music, and movement. Our 3 beautiful spaces are available for movement classes, rehearsals, workshops as well as creative events including everything from recording sessions to private parties.

Advertising, Branding, Interactive / Web, Marketing, Public Relations, Writing

I produce materials made of words. Some are salty, some are sweet. Some are silly, some are serious. Some are true, some are not. Some contain pulp. All contain juice.

Digital and print, big and small, square and round…I offer a broad range of services and seek variety in my writing and editing work. I lead with humor but apply myself to tonally straight-up work with diligence and seriousness.

Film / Video / Animation, Photography

My mission is to create stunning, authentic and inspiring content that uplifts my community and empowers people to share their uniqueness.

Everyday I see sprouts of brilliant expression in open studios, galleries, warehouses and house shows. I see people creating because it’s the thing they love most. For some this is a hobby but for us it is a necessity.

My passion is storytelling. I’ve studied photography, video editing, sound design and more so that I can communicate in the most effective way. My goal as a story teller is to shine light on my community. I feel so fortunate to be immersed in this vibrant and beautiful culture. I want to showcase the music, poetry, art and dance of this place. I want to share this culture so that it doesn’t fade away.

Advertising, Branding, Marketing

Centro partners with agencies of all sizes to fill their gaps in digital media capabilities, so they can offer full-service solutions to clients. Our industry leading programmatic platform – Basis by Centro – brings together the entire digital workflow, including search, social, programmatic, and direct buys, allowing agencies who handle media in house to simplify their digital media operation, while doing more for their clients. For those agencies who prefer to outsource digital media campaigns, Centro’s Media Services team works as an extension of your agency to strategize, buy, and execute Omni-Channel digital campaigns on your behalf. As the largest independent digital media investment company in North America, with over 700 employees in 41 offices – including right here in Portland – Centro is ready to revolutionize the way your agency performs.

Advertising, Branding, Marketing

Datawkrz is a global data-driven independent trading desk that enables precision audience targeting across media formats, devices and channels. Datawrkz helps agencies and brands leverage the programmatic world by powering digital media strategy, planning and execution with a transparent financial model.

Interactive / Web, Marketing, Public Relations, Writing

Let me put my 25+ years of communications experience to work for you. I help companies tell their story to customers and stakeholders by providing copywriting, editing, proofreading, desktop publishing, and content management services.

I’ve partnered with technology, healthcare, and media organizations such as:

* Clark County Talk
* Oregon Live
* Oregon Health Authority
* FAB Marketing
* Six Vertical