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Newest AdditionsAug 23, 2017

Advertising, Film / Video / Animation, Photography

3RD PERSON PRODUCTIONS collaborates with brands and agencies to create content with a primary purpose: connect brands to customers through strong audience associations with a product or experience.

There are three participants in our work – the content creator, the brand and the audience. The third is paramount, and today the consumer audience is more informed and more visually literate than ever before. The challenge then, is to find the genuine, the authentic experience to help foster a long term brand relationship. As your content creator, your story teller, 3rd Person aims to deliver just that.

PHOTO: product, campaigns, brand lifestyle, institutional, catalogue photography
VIDEO: video campaigns, stylized narrative video, internal ‘brand culture’ content, testimonial & ‘brand association’ shorts, social media content
CREATIVE: design, scripting, story boarding

Film / Video / Animation, Photography

An independent production company, Optic Nerve has traveled the globe for over 20 years to bring home compelling and visually arresting stories. From concept through completion our photography and filmmaking for documentary, commercial and non-profit clients continues to be recognized for its ability to genuinely capture the essence and passionate work of our subjects. With very low overhead, your production dollars will end up on the screen rather than funding a large staff and fancy office space. Based in Portland Oregon, Brian Kimmel is the Director of Photography for Optic Nerve Productions

Interactive / Web

Development and consulting for your apps, services and other outside-the-box development projects. Over a decade of experience helping people turn their ideas into actualities. The sister-company to Snaptortoise focused on the more “appy” and uncommon side of the web — mobile apps, web apps, Electron/Desktop apps, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos (and other tiny computers), creative installations, art projects and more.


Portraits, Events, Fine Art Documentation.

Advertising, Branding, Environmental Design, Film / Video / Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Marketing

What is Oddling Ink? To put it simply, Oddling Ink is the gooey stuff creativity is made of! But it’s often buried deep within the darkest recesses of the mind.

Luckily, this particular creative design studio is exceedingly adroit at extracting that beautiful buried branular bullion through a complex process of perspicacious deliquescence, providing you—the client— with the utmost in creative solutions, ensuring that you not only succeed in your endeavors but thrive like the beautiful little dandelion you are. Need some graphic design done like a logo, business card or flyer? How about illustrations for your children’s book or band album? Perhaps you’re looking for some 3D animation? Or maybe some motion graphics for an upcoming presentation? Or are you looking to finally get that tattoo designed? Whatever it is, Oddling Ink is here to help you with all your creative needs!

So go on, tell me what you need, there’s plenty of Ink for everyone!

Branding, Film / Video / Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interactive / Web, Marketing

I’m a Portland based illustrator, Flash animator, and graphic designer. After studying Animation and Illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I’ve spent the last four years of my career in games as a lead illustrator on several projects. My most recent work as the Chief Animation Specialist for REESSI’s MEGames has helped to channel my passion for social justice and empowerment into artwork that brings worlds and dreams to life.