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Newest AdditionsJul 29, 2016

Audio, Exhibits / Displays, Photography


Justin is a Location Sound Mixer & Photographer that brings years of international experience and a full sound kit dedicated to mobile sound recording for picture. He also provides sound design services and resources capable of meeting a film’s turn-key audio needs.

His clients include Universal Music, NPR, Anderson Cooper, MercyCorps International, VICE, Lifetime, ATO Records, TLC, Anthropologie, Macy’s, MTV, the Today Show and Google. Justin also collaborates with many independent artists and organizations, and receives the greatest satisfaction from supervising the entirety of a multimedia product from start to finish, pre thu post.


Creative commercial photography specializing in people, products and places.

Graphic Design, Photography

I’ve been a graphic designer my entire life. Organizing, conceptualizing, problem solving…that’s what I do. Give me text, colors, sizes, materials, and I will create a simple, straightforward design that is visually stimulating and entertaining.

Film / Video / Animation

Adrian Grey is a 3D Artist from Hollywood with over 20 years experience. He’s come to Portland to bring high-end 3D and Special Effects to local businesses. From initial concept to the final picture, Adrian brings brings your ideas to life.

Film / Video / Animation, Illustration, Interactive / Web, Marketing

BOGZA specializes in producing immersive, fully realized 3D visuals for new and innovative real estate development projects. Through the utilization of 3D imagery, film, and interactive experiences, we collaborate with our clients to provide the visuals necessary to market properties long before they are built. Our services have proven to be effective in procuring funding, obtaining approval from design commissions, and in laying the foundation for attention-grabbing advertising campaigns. In other words, we turn ideas and visions into tangible, marketing collateral.

Following a thorough collaboration process, we are able to offer a full suite of services that can be custom-tailored to each client’s individual needs. Our innovative approach has helped us cultivate a reputation with more than 250 clients across the globe, with a portfolio that includes work on more than 750 projects, from single-family homes to commercial skyscrapers. With an attention to detail, reinforced by a spirit of creativity, we’ve honed an ability to pull a unique voice from every project we undertake, and to gear a message to an audience who is eager to listen.

Advertising, Film / Video / Animation, Photography

Producer for Photo + Motion shoots