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Newest AdditionsJul 26, 2014

Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration

Freelance graphic design and digital illustration.

Interactive / Web

Agile Labs is an independent engineering studio based in Portland, Oregon, offering a variety of technical and digital services for companies of all sizes. We dedicate our days to discovering, building and improving different technologies in efforts to deliver tailored solutions that resolve any challenges and technical problems our clients are facing.

Film / Video / Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Talent

Animator and Fabricator – stop-motion, digital, special effects make up

I value strong story, high quality visuals, purpose, humor and fun!

Interactive / Web, Marketing

Dorey Design Group takes a holistic approach to web development. We believe in a 4 step approach, Strategy, Design, Development, and Promotion. When you choose DDG you get a local company that does all work in-house with over 14 years experience.

We are highly skilled in Drupal, WordPress, and most open source programming languages, we have experience in creating custom modules and plug-ins to support our clients business goals.

Most of our projects are well planned and are completed on-time and on-budget, which means that you know what you are getting up front, and when you will be getting it, with NO surprises. We can also finish stalled or botched projects.

Environmental Design, Exhibits / Displays

A+A works at the intersection of culture and commerce, providing innovative creative strategies and multi-disciplinary design services for visitor attractions, museums, retail experiences and digital environments. Our work explores the graceful convergence of digital and physical realms.

Creative strategy is a blend of creative vision and commercial strategy, derived from an intimate understanding of customer needs. Always based upon the stories at the soul of your brand, we work across the creative disciplines to storyboard and master plan narrative, multi-dimensional experiences. We then articulate actionable 3D and digital design projects and map the design systems essential to delivering and sustaining them for years to come.

A+A brings these diverse experiences to reality. We offer multi-disciplinary design services that encompass brand & identity, exhibit, retail and digital design.

Advertising, Branding, Film / Video / Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interactive / Web, Marketing, Photography, Writing

We create unique and memorable brand experiences with compelling media and interactive content.

We harness the power of collaboration: our dynamic team of creative professionals will connect your brand to your audience in the most effective and creative way possible.

We will enhance the unique image of your brand utilizing the most cost-effective approach.

Digital experiences and motion graphics are the new canvas for branding and consumer engagement.