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Advertising, Branding, Exhibits / Displays, Film / Video / Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interactive / Web

Award winning children’s book illustrator, muralist, animator and painter.

Styles range from the cute and cuddly kid’s book mouse – to the striking web or app graphic – to the wildly surreal caricature.

With over 23 years in the business, you can expect professional, experienced, timely service that will leave you and your client very happy.

Photoshop and Illustrator talented.

Advertising, Branding, Exhibits / Displays, Graphic Design, Illustration

I am a senior graphic designer/illustrator located in Portland, Oregon. My specialty is print design, with a big dose of illustration and hand lettering. I have nearly twenty years of professional experience, and I have worked at a variety of design firms, at a few large companies, and as a freelancer. My most recent full-time position was as Graphic Designer/Art Director with a local luxury apparel brand.

Making things look great is what drives me. I thrive on creative challenges and go gang-busters with brain-storms. The fun part of what I do is coming up with the ideas. The rewarding part is executing those ideas flawlessly.

Film / Video / Animation

I am a storyteller.

Whether it is thirty seconds or thirty minutes, whether it’s a model selling clothing or an artist speaking on the love of his craft, behind everyone and everything lays a good story. The trick, and the beauty of it all, is telling it in a very short time.

I began filming and cutting documentaries for PBS, Frontline as well as several independent networks. I learned how to direct people, both real and hired, always looking for that special charm or look that we all bring to life.

I moved on to commercials because the challenge of moving someone to act, scream or be inspired by thirty seconds.

I concentrate on images as part of story, one always leading to the next, and building a collective whole. I love images but realize that content or even sometimes the lack of words, are an equal part of the equation.

I am a great observer, able to think quickly of my feet, size up the situation and make it come to life, both in production and in edit.

I am a director, camera and the offline cutter, always passionate about life, my work, and the people around me. Every second counts. Every moment matters and every thirty seconds can make a difference.

That’s why I am a storyteller.

David Sabbath
ph: 503-739-1951

Advertising, Graphic Design, Interactive / Web

Graphic design and creative services for businesses and non-profit organizations. Services include UI, UX, banner ads, rich media units, microsites, web design, social media design, branding and print collateral.

Graphic Design, Illustration

I am a multi-faceted, capable illustrator and designer with experience in various forms of publication (web, periodical print, poster, comic, advertising/commercial) and styles (graphic art, comic, children’s, portrait, vector, pencils/sketch, painterly). Through the awesomeness that is modern technology, I’m able to achieve all of these digitally. I love connecting the viewer to a story, whether it’s a novel’s worth of prose, a specific theme or sometimes even a single word. Every image is a chance to give the viewer an adventure they will remember.

Branding, Graphic Design, Interactive / Web

A digital agency focused on WordPress website design and development. Website design, custom wordpress plugins, customized templates, HTML5/CSS3 builds, custom content solutions, backend development, and much more.