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Newest AdditionsOct 28, 2016

Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration

Saint Ram Creative is a small design studio that specializes in identity, branding, print, labeling, package design, and illustration.

Advertising, Audio, Branding, Film / Video / Animation, Marketing

Forrest has edited multiple 360 videos, music videos, features, shorts, documentaries and promo videos.

What makes Forrest unique is his experience and knowledge in all fields of post production. In addition to editing video, he can Remove background audio noise, remove objects or shadows from videos, animate title sequences or still images, color shots to match, stabilize drone footage and author DVD or Blu-ray masters are just a few examples.

He is based in Portland, OR and freelances with various production companies. Working on a beast of a computer Forrest built himself, there is no footage or project beyond his scope.

Forrest also shoots 4k video with Panasonic G7 with an xlr audio setup fed to the camera for B-camera situations.

Advertising, Film / Video / Animation, Photography

Four Course Films is a Film Production Company producing commercial, industrial and other live-action media. We are a full service video production company based in Portland, OR providing support in all areas of production including: concept development, equipment, crewing, and production support.

Our company was created on the principle that if a client cares about their brand/product/message enough, we can always make great things together regardless of the specific challenges of the project.

We’ve been doing this a long time. There is (almost) nothing we haven’t seen. If you have a crazy idea, we want to hear it. If you have no ideas, we want to help you fall crazy for one. And if you don’t know what you need, we want to help you orient yourself and your brand for good outcomes realized through thoughtful filmmaking.

Film Production has many layers, and we provide services to navigate them all. We also offer individual services at all levels.

We know film, and we want to help you.

Advertising – Broadcast, web, streaming or social advertisements.

Sales & Marketing – Product videos, product demos and brand videos

Training & Education — Design and develop training videos and systems for medical, military and corporate applications.

Concept Development
Project Management
Location Scouting
Set and Costume Design

Live Action Film & Video
Product Photography
Lighting & Audio Packages
Camera & Equipment Packages
Local Production Support
Film Production, Media Production, Film, Video Production, video production company, training video production, corporate video production, industrial media production, Film and Video Production Company


Advertising, Branding, Film / Video / Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Marketing, Photography, Writing

We are a creative partner and content studio in Portland, Oregon. We’re a humble crew whose passion is real partnership where the output is disruptive, creative, and inspiring stories. People always come first. So much so that our partners become family. Our work cultivates relationships between brands and consumers through emotionally charged content and experiences. Let’s be honest, advertising needs a breathe of fresh air. Our work is grounded in a fun and hyper collaborative process where incredible work is birthed from smart hustle, transparency, and no ego. Through a thoughtful, brave, and balanced strategy, we are able to fearlessly push our partners into unknown waters. We’re in it for the long haul and ready to get our hands dirty. Take a break. Relax we got this.

Advertising, Branding, Environmental Design, Exhibits / Displays, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interactive / Web, Marketing, Photography

Creative inspired by the outdoors…from bike trails to hiking trails, flip-flops to Snowboard boots, I am embedded in an outdoor culture. The roots of my inspiration are sketched on napkins or even drawn in the snow. I believe that to limit your space, is to limit your ideas. Which is why my office chair is the chair lift and my creative meetings start at the trail head…

My mission is to seduce, shape or even evoke an emotional response through great design.

Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Printing / Prepress

Color Separation • Graphic Design • Illustration