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The Beauty Shop

By The Beauty Shop / March 16, 2023

Truth, be told.

The Beauty Shop is a strategic creative agency located in Portland, Oregon. We're a COBID-certified and women-owned B Corp that helps purpose-driven companies communicate their value to the world.

We work with nonprofits and foundations, community organizations, start-ups, fertility care providers, architects, cities, schools, governments, retailers, and lifestyle brands.

We center audience experiences to design brands and websites that are meaningful, accessible, and beautiful.

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Hunch Theory Web Design & SEO

By Dacie Doucette / September 24, 2021

Hunch Theory designs beautiful, strategic websites for small businesses. We specialize in taking the overwhelm and guesswork out of what to put on your website and helping businesses find their niche and thrive.

Our goal is to give all businesses, regardless of their size or stage of growth, access to better marketing tools and set them up for success in their business both online and off.

Our studio is based in Portland, Oregon but we work with businesses nationwide, building sites with strategic sales funnels that are designed to sell your services.

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By plazm / December 5, 2020

Plazm is a creative studio founded in Portland, Ore., in 1991 with the launch of Plazm magazine. Together with our clients, we solve problems, tell stories, and seek out truth.

In 2019 Plazm was nominated for the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award.

Plazm magazine started as a cooperatively published, not-for-profit periodical that sparked a nascent creative community in early 1990s Portland. As the magazine garnered accolades and awards, it spawned a commercial design and branding firm whose clients have included Nike, LucasFilm, and MTV, along with local businesses and nonprofits such as PICA, the Northwest Film Center, and Fort George Brewery.

Plazm Design co-founder Niko Courtelis moved back to Portland from New York City a few years ago. He and Joshua Berger have relaunched the studio with some of their long-term collaborators in fields such as font design, editorial content, and public policy. Niko and Josh launched The Portland Stamp Company in 2016. Plazm magazine is now published by PICA (Portland Institute for Contemporary Art) a 501c3 nonprofit, under Josh’s leadership as founding Art Director.

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By Meister20 / October 6, 2020

Meister is a Portland based Creative Studio.

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By Ryan Buchanan / August 28, 2020

eROI is now Thesis. Thesis is a full-service digital agency in Portland, OR where strategy, creative, tech, and partner services combine to humanize the digital relationship between brands and people. Using data as the driver, our versatile work has the range to meet people where they are and the relevance to engage people as they are.

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Germinate LLC

By Michael Krol / April 10, 2019

Let's grow your idea into something big.

Germinate is an app innovation studio. We work with enterprise companies and startups to build and launch great apps.

Bringing an idea into the world takes commitment. It can feel like doing the impossible, what's never been done before. Germinate brings experience and process and together we make it happen.

How? By digging in deep, getting to know your business, and collaborating with you at every step.

See our checklist for kicking off a new project

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By / February 10, 2019

Revere is an integrated brand experience agency that solves business problems with meaningful creative solutions with a curated community of “right-fit” experts for each need. To us, the client experience is as important as their brand's experience.

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Rivetry Design Studio

By / August 29, 2018

Rivetry is a brand design studio based in Portland, OR, helping businesses build and maintain engaging, consistent and effective visual identities. From high level strategy and branding pieces to individual campaign and collateral execution, we use a data-driven, empathy fueled approach to build effective creative solutions that drive results.

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By Anna Madill / March 15, 2018

We're a B Corp digital marketing agency for purpose-driven compannies using business as a force for good.

We're not just committed to our client's success, we're on a mission to impact their holistic journey to durable business growth.

At Avenue, we amplify the impact growth-minded and purpose-driven companies have in the world through results-led digital marketing. Our proprietary suite of marketing products and custom services help brands and businesses of all sizes grow sustainably and successfully.

As a Certified B Corporation, we are proud to be part of a global movement of people using business as a force for good. We believe B Corps are redefining success in business and inspiring businesses to not only be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world. The rigorous B Corp certification process is a commitment to our employees, clients and community to hold our company to higher standards of social and environmental impact, transparency, and accountability.

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Blue Chalk Media

By Blue Chalk / February 11, 2018

Blue Chalk Media is an award-winning production and media strategy company founded by proven business leaders who believe in the power of nonfiction visual storytelling.

As the use of video spreads rapidly across platforms, Blue Chalk Media is at the forefront of creating top-quality content for clients such as The New York Times, The Weather Channel, Discovery Education, and Carnegie Corporation of New York. Our work includes branded content, social impact videos, educational videos, and a variety of nonfiction series and projects for multi-platform distribution.

Apart from the work we do for brands and advocacy organizations, a separate division of the company produces content commissioned as journalism. These assignments may take the form of short- or long-form documentaries, series, photographic essays or interactive web content. Videos produced by Blue Chalk Journalism have been released by The New York Times and BBC World News.

While recognized for our cinematic shooting and editing styles, the heart of all Blue Chalk productions is the care taken in choosing characters whose stories resonate with viewers as authentic and powerful. Our goal is to apply the techniques and storytelling perspectives of the documentary filmmaker and photojournalist to all the work we do.

Blue Chalk Media is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, with an office in Portland, OR.

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Insomnia Graphics

By Jake Koprowski / June 2, 2016

Insomnia Graphics is a small company specializing in motion graphics, animation, javascript development, standard and rich banner ads and web design.

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Evolve Collaborative

By evolvecollab / April 11, 2014

A design agency with a serious passion for collaboration.

We work side by side with innovative companies to create new products and services that make a difference in people’s lives.

Evolve is founded upon the idea that the best design always arises from collaboration. We are proud to be a design agency where clients work directly with the A team. Together, our team brings unique perspectives from backgrounds across the globe – combining experience in research, design, strategy, and innovation for companies large and small.

We’d love to hear from you.

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By counterform / February 20, 2014

Counterform is an independent creative agency that specializes in one specific area of the brand development spectrum: visual communication. This overlaps with other areas on which we consult, such as overall positioning, narrative and voice development, and digital strategy. We set our sights on bringing companies and products to life through design that is valued for smart execution and emotional strength. We begin each day with two things; a hot cup of coffee and the drive to service our clients through creativity, collaboration, and humility.
If any of the above fails, we generally just take the rest of the day off.

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All Fantastic

By All Fantastic / June 17, 2013

Company Description: Our virtual firm designs/develops, markets, revamps, owns and invents online properties. We started in the Internet industry in 1995 and do this work because we enjoy it!

All Fantastic specializes in strategic growth and providing no-cost/low-cost marketing (SEO, social networking, etc.). Other service examples include: website reviews, user experience analysis, marketing plans, partner research, business development, domain suggestions, keyword research, tips, ideas and more.

Our team has the innate ability to look at any business and envision potential. No business is too large or too small and All Fantastic realizes that today's idea can be tomorrow's market leader.

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By fictionadmin / April 30, 2013

We help brands discover and tell their truth.

Fiction is a strategy and design studio. We partner with clients to forge lasting connections with their audience.

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The Study

By The Study / April 11, 2013

The Study is a workplace for design thinking and creative solutions located in Portland, Oregon. Specializing in brand identity, package design, interactive design, creative promotions and print collateral. From local start ups to global entities we take pride in offering a conceptual and process-driven approach, building brands that are thoughtfully designed, technically awesome, and genuinely unique to you.

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