We connect businesses with Portland’s creative professionals
for the collective greater good.

Whether you’re a business looking for creative talent, or a creative service provider looking to gain visibility or interact with our community, PortlandCreativeList is working hard to meet your needs.

This service was originally started to solve a personal problem. As an Art Director, I had established a list of local creative support services I relied upon for project collaboration, web development, printing and so on. This list served me well most of the time, but I occasionally found myself settling for talent that didn’t quite fit a project. I knew there were better options out there, but I simply didn’t know how to find them. That’s when I realized something. If I was having trouble locating creative talent, businesses outside of the creative industries must not have a clue where to turn. A problem became evident so I began to work on a service that would provide solutions.

This service is designed to…

  • help businesses connect with local creative services that match their needs
  • offer a place for creative businesses to promote their services
  • facilitate collaboration and connectivity within the creative service industries
  • help boost Portland’s economy

Because of participation from users like you, PCL has become Portland’s #1 resource for insight into our local Creative Industries. Thank you and please continue to support our community and spur its vitality.

Brent Urbanski