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Mike Lay

I like to think I’m a professional juggler. Not the kind that tosses around balls, clubs, and the occasional chainsaw on the fairground stage, but one that juggles budgets, crews, production schedules, usage rights, and unique creative requests.

I’ve been a freelance producer for over 10 years with extensive experience in all phases of producing media whether it be Agency, Bid, Line (Film, HD, Photo), Post, VFX, Interactive.

I’m proud to call Portland home and I’m deeply connected with the talented local production and post community, but I also regularly produce top tier internet media and advertising for large corporate brands that shoot internationally and across the US. My contacts and resources are widespread. Since I work on a range of different scale productions I have an understanding and sensitivity to what is possible at every budget size.

And by the way, I really can juggle, although I keep the chainsaws at home.

Advertising, Film / Video / Animation, Interactive / Web, Photography
Film, Video, Photography, TV Advertising, Digital Advertising, Web Media, Music Videos, Interactive Displays, POP
I'm fortunate to work with some great people, agencies and clients, who's confidentiality I kindly respect. Please contact me directly for any recommendations, resume, or client list.
phone: (503) 701-9383
Portland, OR