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01/ Younhee Design

Logo design, stationery design, hand drawn typography, letter press, invitations, branding & package design
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4 S Club Creative

Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding/Identity, Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Product Photography, Content Creation, Social Media Design, Advertising, Digital Design, Copywriting, Social Media Advertising, Book Cover Design, Layout Design, Packaging Design
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5Seven Design

print design, web design, visual design, presentation design, icon design, dog walker, a mean keurig barista
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Accidental Color

Vehicle, Large Format, Packaging, Print collateral, Beer labels, Identity, Fine art, Painting, Photoshop, Illustrator, Mascot, Voice Over
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Accidental Color

Vehicle, Large Format, Packaging, Print collateral, Beer labels, Identity, Fine art, Painting, Photoshop, Illustrator, Mascot, Voice Over
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3d animation, visual effects, interactive experiences, games
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Alan Stedman

Color Separation, Graphic Design, Pre Press, Screen Printing, Color Correction, Logo Design, Illustration
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Alastra Art

childrens illustration, painting, illustration, book covers
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Alé Carda

illustration, design, mural, graphic design, drawing, painting, animation, stop motion,
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Alexandria Levin

Web and mobile design and development, UI/UX, site overhauls, web graphics, art direction, graphic/print design and production, books, annual reports, presentation and marketing materials, newsletters, posters, infographics, branding/identity, illustration, fine art, creative coaching, project mgmt.
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Alicia Nagel Creative

logo design, taglines, brand strategy, brand storytelling, marketing strategy, market research, style guides, printed materials, advertising.
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Alison Pond Design

advertising, social media profiles and content, interactive web ads, email campaigns, press kits for media, logos, brand identity, infographics, whitepapers, annual reports, data visualization, presentations, digital illustration, book jackets, tradeshow booths and materials, large format graphics
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Allan Creative

illustration, design, photography, graphic design, brand identity, branding, editorial, photojournalism, portrait photography, product photography, travel photography, lifestyle photography, food photography, print design, production, travel photography
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Allen Ayler

Logo design, Package design, Illustration, Stationary, Editorial, Branding, UI/UX, Interactive, Web design, App design, Identity, Print, Digital
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Ally Ann Design

logo design & branding id, illustration- digital & traditional, package design, stationary, workbooks, invites, & all print, hand lettering, HTML, CSS, & Wordpress, creative problem solving & marketing
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Alyssa Walker Design

Packaging, Typography, Print, Branding, Web Design, Concept Design, Art Direction, Advertising, Marketing, Vector Illustration, Illustration
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Amy L. Frazer, Design and Illustration

Maker, collaborator, creative leader,problem solver, product design, development, graphics, illustration, Extensive knowledge in all areas of the product lifecycle, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, embroidery, painting, graphic illustration, product development, character design, pattern design,
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design illustration,street illustration, geometric color, exhibition design, web design, graphic design and product design.
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Andrea Henning Design

Graphic design, Art direction, Illustration, Painting, Typography, Color, Layout, Branding, Hand drawn
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Andrea K Forist

apparel design, fashion design, product design, outerwear, gloves, fiber art, knitting, t-shirt graphics, fashion illustration, photoshop, adobe illustrator, vector art, hand illustration, creative direction, trend forecasting, color theory, crochet
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Andrew Carlman

3D Design, 3D Illustration, 3D Motion Graphics, 3D Compositing, 3D Animation, Post Effects, Typography, Branding, Art Direction.
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Andrew Carlman

Art, Design, Interactive, Web, 3D, Computer, Compositing, Video,
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Angie Wang, Illustratress

editorial illustration, fashion illustration, graphic novels, lifestyle illustration, book illustration
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Angry Buddha Animation

traditional animation, stop motion, 3d artist, 3d animation, character animation, illustration, music videos, animation
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Anton Kimball Design

brand identity, food, packaging, packages, artwork, logo design, hand lettering, identity, graphics, wine, typography, artwork
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Arnold Pander Illustration

Illustration, Design, Storyboards, Animation, Concept Artwork
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Artist • Illustrator Theresa Johnson

whimsical, humorous, art, illustration, oil painting, digital illustration
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Adobe Flash, character animation, animation, 2D, educational game design, interactive, illustration, comics, comic book,
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Aubrey Illustration

Illustration, Logos and Branding, Graphic Design, 2D Game Artwork, UI Design, Flash Animation
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Art Direction, logos/identity, illustration, design, infographics, packaging, artwork, branding strategy, photoshoots, sustainability integration
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Austin Hilde

Art, Direction, 2D, Traditional, Animation, Stop-Frame, Logo, Design, Artist, Commercial
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graphic design, website design, development, programing, branding, logos, editorial, video, filming, illustration, poster, cd cover, magazine, book
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B for Balleza

illustration, typography, art, direction, graphic, design, vector, branding, brand, interactive, web, illustrator, photoshop, indesign, after effects, letterpress, printing,
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Graphic Design, Illustration, Brand Identity, Web Design
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BD Independent

HTML, CSS, Flash, jQuery, CMS, rich media, UI
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Becca Ward

Art Direction and Design, Digital and Traditional Illustration, Brand Identity, Website Design, Application Design, Wireframing, QA Testing
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Becky Steele

stop-motion, Flash, 2-D clean-up, animation, stop-motion rigging, puppet wrangling, sculpting, mold making, silicone, plastic, latex, furring, flocking, armatures, puppet fabrication, set/prop fabrication, painting, colored pencil, paper craft, illustration, graphic design, special effects make up
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Ben Krogh

clean design, minimal design, logo designer,
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Ben Luce

traditional animation, animator, traditional illustration, digital illustration, after effects, flash, photoshop, illustrator, premiere, 3ds max, maya, cinema 4d, ableton, reason
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Beth Austin Illustration

Watercolor, animals, plants, traditional media, adobe photoshop, typography, screen printing, posters, portraits, abstract, architecture,
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Bethany Bauman

historic real estate development, residential branding, brand guidelines, illustration, custom typography, layout, typesetting
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Bethany Ng

Art Direction, illustration, design, advertising, infographics, typography, branding
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Blend Design Co.

Environmental Design, Logo and Graphic Design, Branding, Retail Design, Restaurants, Fixture/Display Design, Exhibits, Signage, Architecture Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design
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Blue Blazes

brand distinctions, internal branding, packaging, identity, cinematic video
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Blue Collar Agency

Brand Identity, Content Marketing, Email, Video, Online, Print Advertising, Media Planning, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Google Analytics, Ecommerce, Website Design, Quality Assurance, Strategy, Design, Copywriting, Video, Photography, Production, User Experience Design.
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visualization, renderings, real estate marketing, property marketing, animation, bogza, tim bogza, interactive, commercial, residential, retail, houston, portland, seattle
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Boxed Gorilla

Logo Design, Photography, Identity Design, Illustration, Web Design Packaging, Digital Illustration, Product Design, Prepress, Recreation
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Brad Alston Illustration

Character Design, Concept Art, Illustration, Book Cover Design, Graphic Novels, Video Game Concept Design, Comics, Layout, Writing, Logo Design, Science Illustration, Children's Books Illustration
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Bradshaw Advertising

Traditional Advertising, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy
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CS6, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, Jquery, Java, Codeigniter, CMS, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, PHP, MySQL,
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Bright Light Graphics

Branding, Webdesign, Logo design, Marketing materials, Book cover design, Book interior design, e-Book conversions, Publishing, Illustration
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Brody Lowe

Illustration, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Hand Written Typography
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Brygider Creative

Art Direction,Branding,Collateral,Package Design,Environmental Design,Creative Design,Graphic Design,Illustration
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Bubble and Squeak

Printing, textile design, illustration, whimsical drawings, digital prints, graphic design, packaging, lithography,letterpress, screen printing.
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Café Noir Arts

logo, identity, magazine, publishing, print advertisement, brochures, websites, social media design, email campaigns, business cards, letterhead, branding
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Earned/Social & Paid Media, Brand Creation, Fashion/Athletic Branding, High-Tech/Video Game Branding, Technical & Creative Messaging, Event
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Cardboard Castle Inc

VFX, Motion Graphics, CG, 3D, Production, Post Production, Editorial, VFX supervisor, Director, After Effects, Nuke, C4D, VRAY, Illustration, Design, Broadcast, Network Branding
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Carly Larsson Illustration

Reportage illustration, surface pattern & textile design, food illustration, portraiture, editorial illustration, advertising, graphic design, Adobe CS,
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Cate Andrews Illustration

Illustration, Adobe Creative Suite CS 6, Hand-Drawn, Digital, Editorial Illustration, Food Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Spot Illustration, Children's llustration, Repeat Patterning, Poster Design.
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Chandelarrow Design Co.

Focusing on Food, Beverage, and Lifestyle Brands we specialize in Brand Strategy, Packaging Design, Brand Identity Development, Menus, Logo and Icon Design, Print/Web Marketing Materials, Point of Sale Signage/Installations, and Print/Publication Design.
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Charlton Marketing

Media strategy, media buying, retail advertising, marketing strategy, advertising co-op group management, creative services, television and radio production, digital media, social media, branding
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Chase Velarde Illustration

Character design, animation, app assets, book illustration, caricatures, graphic novel, album art
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Christina Faulkner

Character Design, Illustration, Visual Development, Children's Book Illustration, 3D Design, 3D Modeling, 3D Texturing
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Christina Ferris Illustration & Design

illustrator, graphic design, photoshop, layout, business cards, logos, brochures, posters, video-editing, animation, cartoon, children's book, comics, after effects, inDesign, flash, website, mobile, image retouching, icons, vector art
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Christine MacKenzie Design [cMACK]

Apparel and Footwear Industry, Footwear Design, Material Design, Material Development, Palette Design, Color Design, Trend Research, Illustration, Surface Design, Repeat Pattern Design, Typography, Social Media, Production Design, Presentations, Brand Design, Writing, Creative & Art Direction
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Cinco Design

Product Design, Experience, CMF, Merchandising, Photography, Design for Manufacturing, DFM, Engineering, Logo, Brand Identity, 360 Design, Portland, Industrial Design, ID, Graphic Design
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Clint Beastwood

After Effects, Hand Drawn, 2D, Traditional, Character Animation,
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interactive design, illustration, animation, graphic design, game design, UI/UX design, front-end development, motion graphics, branding, video editing, audio editing, soundtrack composition, sound effects, storyboarding, storytelling, ideation, strategy/content development
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Clover Brown Illustration

watercolor, spot illustration, hand-drawn images, children, children's book, cartoon, whimsical illustration, product photography
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CO Projects

Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Brand Identity, Package Design, Environmental Design, Experiential Design, Web design, Illustration, Book Design, Music Packaging, Food and Beverage Packaging, Spirits Packaging, Beer Packaging, Wine Packaging, Game Design, Copywriting,
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Colorbox Studio

Art Direction and Design, Digital and Traditional Illustration, Brand Identity, Website Design, Application Design, Wireframing, QA Testing
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Con Cor Design

Product, Exhibit, Illustration, 3D Rendering, Modeling, Concept Art, Concept Design, Furniture, System architecture, Design Engineering
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Cory Roberts

Art Director, Hybrid Designer, Strategic Thinker, ID/Branding, Logo Development, Print Collateral, Interactive Design, User Interface, Digital Illustration, Production, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Keynote/PowerPoint, Portland OR Native, Coffee Connoisseur
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Brand Development, Content Strategy, Corporate Communications, Digital Media, Exhibit Design, Identity, Logos, Naming, Packaging, Promotional Material, Publications, Signage, Strategic Brand Programs
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CR Designs

Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Painting, Drawing, Screenprinting and Web Design.
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graphic design, typography, logo design, website design, illustration, paper crafting, packaging, set design, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
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Creative Art Services

set design, set construction, custom props, signage, backdrops, wall murals, vehicle graphics,
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Crow Creative

design, illustration, branding, advertising, logo design, print, web, apparel, fabric, pattern, sign, banner
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CRUSH Creative

Brand Storytelling, Editorial Planning, Content Creation (video, email, web, social media & print), & Product Launches.
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Dan Sinclair

Graphic Design for web and print production, Design and art for corporate and small clients, Writing for art culture
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Danklife Photo Illustration

Retouching, digital illustration, Photo illustration, photoshop, post production, special effects, product swaps, color ups, FX, toning, colorist, colorists, retouchers, studio photography, green screen, chroma key
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Dave Hagen

Branding, Web design, App design. Very familiar with Children/teen brands.
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David McLaughlin

Logo, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Advertising, Illustration, Print, Typography, Packaging
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illustration, editorial, technical, print, web, Illustrator, PhotoShop
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Deep Sky

3D animation, motion graphics, Flash, 2D animation, architectural visualization, video production, visual effects, music videos, cartoons, commercials, long form video, infomercials, product visualization, sports graphics, broadcast design, branding, illustration
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Denny Robles Visual Communication

Global kit development, magazine production, mobile app icons, posters, page layout design, billboards, logos, print/web advertising, print/web marketing materials, corporate branding
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Design Active

Branding, Corporate Identity, Naming, Positioning, Packaging, Collateral, Signage, Web Development, UI, Information Architecture, Environmental Spaces, Gig Posters, Custom Type, Illustration, Letterpress
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Design By Goats

Branding, logo design, infographics, invitations, cards, stationary, prints, packaging, craft, environment design, photography, video, web design
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Design Philled

print design, logo design, identity design, branding design, stationary design, apparel design, apparel graphics, custom logo, brochure, catalog, web banner, flyer, custom illustration, social media, vector artist,
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Designer Jack Bott

design, print, web, html, css, fliers, brochures, logos, personal, individual, small business, campaign, marketing, social media
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DesignWise Art

business brochure design, unique logo design, website design, website maintenance, website seo, postcard design, website redesign, wordpress website design, graphic designer, local graphic artist, logo designer portland, logo designer, seo maintenance, print design, ecommerce website design,
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Devon Devereaux Illustration

editorial, illustration, advertising, graphic novels, children's books, book, logo, web design, apparel design, character design
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DHX Advertising

print, web, interactive, public relations, pr, branding, collateral, video, audio, photography
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Dina Marie Creative

logo design, branding, custom lettering, typography, WordPress, websites, logo designer, graphic designer, freelance designer, contract designer, magazine design,
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Brand Strategy, Brand Story, Brand Design, Corporate Identity, Brand Identity, Experience, Photo Direction, Art Direction, Design Direction, Messaging, Brand Expression, Identity Guidelines, Signage, Environment, Merchandising, Packaging, Collateral, UI/UX, MarCom, Digital Assets, Implementation
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motion Design, Cinema 4D, animation, production, editorial, art direction, advertising, design, new business, film, illustration, typography, experiential design, digital + web creative, adobe creative suite
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Doug Hunt Studio

Doug, Hunt, illusrtation, commercial, art, design, logo, lyrics, original, music, animation, chalk, art, murals, computer, graphics,
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Hand Drawn, Adobe Creative Suite CS6, Children's Illustration, Editorial Illustration, Spot Illustration, Hand Lettering, Character
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Dumb Blonde Designs

Innovative, Customer Service, Dependable, High Quality
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Duro compagnie

motion design, 3d animation, film, visual effects, post production, illustrations, 3d design, print, advertising, interactive, environmental, branding, TV, digital, story board, style frames, graphic design, identity
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Dylan Boyd

illustrator, graphic artist, sculptor, design, animation, stop-motion, stop motion, character design, fabrication, model maker, character fabrication, set construction, concept artist,
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Dylan Woock

Architectural rendering, 3D visualization, 3D modeling, graphic design, drafting, product design, photography, logo design, branding.
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Eager Elephant Design & Photography

photography,real estate photography,headshot photography,graphic design,print design,logo design,branding and identity,web design,web banners,business card design,brochure design,poster design,flyer design
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Edge Multimedia

advertising, marketing, media planning, media buying, seo
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Elena Cronin Design

Graphic design, illustration, print and web, identity, art prints, publication design, clean, minimalist, Scandinavian, pattern
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Emily Sandstrom Studio

Web Design/Development, Print Design, Identity & Branding, Collateral Packages, Brochures, Posters, Invitations, Advertisements, Photo Retouching, Illustrations, Email & Newsletter Marketing
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Emily Skaer

motion design, animation, motion graphics, motion, illustration, design
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Empire Green Creative

Branding, Film / Video / Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography
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ENGIN Creative

Retail design, event design, event production, digital publishing, brand identity, brand development, brand strategy, PR events, interactive catalogs, web design & development.
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Enigmatic Labs

Illustration, Graphic Design, Character Design, Conceptual Design, Posters, Branding, Visual Development, Storyboards, Comics
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Enrich Design

Print/Literature design, Marketing support, Tradeshow graphics , Social media campaigns, Email campaigns, Audio/Visual services, Copyrighting
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EnviroMedia Social Marketing

Enviromental, public health, social marketing, public relations, advertising, full-service, media buying,
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Episode Creative

Children’s books, Character design, Toy design, Posters, Clothing and apparel, Websites, Logos, Greeting Cards, Editorials
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Epkes Creative Design & Illustration

Graphic Design, Illustration, Interactive, Web Design
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Eric Bird Illustration

children's book illustration, illustration, graphic design, print design, editorial, character design, comics, book illustration, poster art, band art, loosey goosey, typography, gig posters
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everglow handmade

calligraphy, design, invitations, paper goods, print design, day-of goods, hand-lettering
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Fangohr, llc

Responsive Design, Responsive Development, WordPress, Expression Engine, High Definition Graphics, Iconography,
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Fawkes FX

Responsive Website Design, Web Development, Interactive Design, Animations, Video Production, UI/UX Design, eCommerce, Custom Graphics, Logo Design, Business Cards, Branding, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Digital Advertising, Content Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Consulting & Training
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Fendywitch Designs

sign painting, murals, costuming, props, pet portraits, commissions, logos
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Fetch Design

logo design, visual identities, brand development, business systems, marketing materials, print ads, signage, information graphics, annual reports, newsletters, packaging, websites, graphic illustration
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Identity & Positioning, Brand & Product Launches, Brand Environments, Integrated Platforms & Campaigns
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Storyboards, Illustration, Design, concept design, storytelling, directing, editing,
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Forking Pictures

Curiously amazing stories, Narrative pictures, Creative character designs.
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Brand, Marketing, Digital, and Communication Strategy, Positioning, Advertising, Media Planning, Social Content Creation, Identity & Logo Development, Copywriting, Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Experiential & Environmental Design, Video, Photography, Website Development, Storytelling
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Fuzz LLC

3D, Motion, Design, Interactive Design, Interaction Design, UI, UX, User Experience, Front-end Development, Development, CMS
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Gary Pearson

gary, pearson, multi-media, design, programming, administration, art director, photoshop, illustrator, adobe, indesign, layout, Identity, HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, Data Base, Flash, User Interface, Analytics, Package, Photography, Scanning, Color, Typography
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Gary Whitley Illustration

Illustration, watercolor, oil painting, gouache, pastel, scratchboard, airbrush, digital.
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Gaumont Design

art direction, art director, design, designer, broadcast design, identity design, print design, interactive design, web design, package design, illustration, broadcast, identity, print, web, interactive, new media, earned media, pre-press, photoshop, illustrator, indesign, dreamweaver, advertising
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gb Designs

props, costumes, illustration, design, puppets, marionettes, shadow puppets, creature, suit, yeti, latex foam, Halloween, commercial, fabrication, woodcarving, woodworking, display, theater, photography props, backdrops, set, set design, set carpentry, stage elements, interactive props,
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Gedimin A Bulat, Illustration & Design

vector Illustration, character design, concept art, book covers, comic art, cartoon, digital paint, children’s books, adobe creative suite, publication layout, graphic design, game design, branding
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Gina Hutchinson | Graphic Designer

Adept at research, sketch concepts, and producing. Explore new ideas with a firm grasp on basic design principles. Produce simple functional designs with appropriate type, color, contrast, and composition.
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Gina Warthen Design

Electrical Sign Design Wayfinding Packages Brand Marketing Packages - Concepts to Installation All print design projects Project management
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Graphic Design, logo design, identity, branding, web design, multipage layout, brochure design, business card design, advertising design
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Greasy Whisper

book design, graphic design, print media, page layout, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, illustration, production design, logo design, branding,
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Green Media

Ad buying, video, animation, graphic design, design, marketing, website, social media, content, advertising
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Gregory T. Holmes

Illustration, Concept Design, Pre-Production
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Grey Matter Design

Brand Development, Identity Design, Environmental Design, Interactive Design, Product Branding, Packaging,
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Gritchelle Fallesgon

graphic design, illustration, web/visual design, book design, cycling apparel, photography, print, posters
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GROW creative

corporate identities, wine labels, packaging, marketing materials, WordPress websites
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Guild of Build

Game Design, Sculpting, Autodesk, Adobe, 3D Modeling, Animation, Rigging, Lighting, Rendering, Projection Mapping/Space Making, Video and Web, Technical Writing, Concept, Illustration
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sales & marketing videos, business videos, corporate videos, explainer videos, marketing videos, training videos, sales & marketing consulting, messaging.
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H.Chin Design

Fashion graphic arts, editorial illustrations, Logo ID
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Hagen Deloss

Design, illustration, drawing, inking, sketching, comics, 3D rendering, 3D modeling,
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Hailey Skye Dehler Design

design, designer, graphic design, typography, experiential, color, ux design, ui design, creative, print, web, responsive design, mobile, desktop, web design, layout, program, digital, website, advertising, branding, brand, logo, illustration, lettering, type design, educational
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Halcyon Creative-PDX’s Creative Cure

fine art, murals, simple websites, marketing, copy writing, advertising consulting, event planning
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Hallock & Branch Creative Services, LLC

print/broadcast advertising, copywriting, ghost blogging, design, branding, public relations, press kits, web design, social media content, marketing,full service agency or projects.
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Hand Hugs Design

WordPress Development, Shopify Theme Development, Content Management Systems, Clean Design, Easy to Update, Hosting Packages, Modern Websites, Local Company, Small Business, Personable Service, Free Consultation, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, WordPress Design
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Hanging Lantern Web Design

Business cards, logos, website design, responsive design, front-end design, javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, copywriting, illustration, flat design, UX
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Happy Finish

Retouching, CGI, Photography, Post-production, Animation, Motion VFX, Telecine, Grading, Interactive, Content Creation, Photoshop, 3D, Visual Effects, Illustration, Design,
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Happylucky, inc.

Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Brand Identity, Brand Positioning, Retail, Retail Engagement, Photo & Video Campaigns, Advertising, Events, Product Launches, Digital Media, Social Strategy, Social Media, Environmental Design
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Harrison Brand Design

Creative brand design consultancy, Hand drawn sketches & digital rendering, Complete design development, Adobe CS6, Image manipulation
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Harrison Freeman

Traditional illustration for gallery and editorial use, graphic design - page layout, type (digital and hand drawn), traditonal print making
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Hattie MacLeod

graphic design, logo design, branding, print, publication design, editorial, marketing, illustration.
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HB Design

Brand System Design, Online Applications, Interactive Demos, Online Marketing, E-Business Tools, Corporate Collateral, Catalog, Packaging Design, Project Management, Human Factors/IA, Motion Graphics
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Hitchings Design

Product Illustration, 3D Illustration, 3D Animation, 3D Product Demos, Compositing
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Holly Moxley Creative Services

Graphic design, digital illustrations, hand-painted illustrations, creative concept development, brochures, presentations, business plans, menus, manuals, annual reports, postcards, ad design
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Hot Pepper Studios

design, web, film, print, mobile, digital, media
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animation,motion graphics,character design,story,design,stop motion,cg,vine,film
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Hovers Over Water

Brand Identity, Illustration, Graphic Design, Apparel Graphics, Advertising, Packaging, Concepting, Environmental Design
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HUB Collective

Brand Development, Campaign Development, Employee Engagement and Onboarding experiences, Destination and Tourism Brand and Campaign Development, Marketing Collateral Design and Execution
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Hugh Newell

Concept, Promotional Art, Editorial, Advertisement, High Spec, Educational, Hobby, History, Arts & Entertainment, Mural, Portraits, Album Art, Poster Art
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i c o n a r t i s t r y

design, graphic design, illustration, screen printing, silk screening, prepress, production, film separations, CMYK separations, band merchandise, Adobe, manual press, fashion design, pattern design, print design, animation, advertising, guerilla marketing, Squarespace
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iDig Creative

Web Site Design, Web Development, Flash Animation, Graphic Design, SEO, Multimedia, Illustration, PowerPoint Presentations, Keynote Presentations
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Illioo Design LLC

Typography, color theory, print production, concept, wireframes, digital asset creation, UI design, product design, basics and principles of UX design, branding, collateral, advertising, email design, banner, infographics, icons, style guides
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Illustration Kitchen

Illustration, graphic design, book design, typography, marketing, integrated email marketing, seo/sem, blogging and guest blog PR, recipe design, color marketing, website design and development.
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Iron Canvas Studios, LLC

Graphic design, illustration, branding, logo design, logo marks, identity, website design, prepress, screen printing, paper, silk screen, posters, brochures, flyers, fliers, business cards, promotional, merchandise, album art, typography, sale sheets, infographics, email marketing, social media
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Jack Moran Design

Graphic Design, Branding, Illustration, Cartooning, Print Design.
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Jacob Cordova – Visual Design

graphic design, storyboard design, explainer video, print, packaging, web, branding, logo, character design
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Jade Sturms

UI design, UX design, web design, website design, publication design, logos, branding, marketing, print ads, layout design, packaging, graphic design, typography, printmaking, illustration, lettering, wireframing
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JAK Graphics • John Arthur Konneker Design

Cartooning, Greeting Cards, Humor, Illustration, Logo Design, Catalogs (digital/print), Yeti Jokes, Photoshop, Labels, Book Covers,
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Jake Standley Illustration and Design

Character Design, Storyboards, Comic Book Illustration, Business Logos, Gig Posters, Screen Print Posters, Album Art
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James Fenner Illustration

Editorial illustration, book illustration, covers, op-ed,
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Jamie Noel

Illustration, crafted graphics, branding, hand lettering, publication design, packaging, wedding collateral
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Janessa Bork Illustration

Hand drawn Typography and Detailed Illustrations, inspired by the Flora and Fauna we are surrounded within. She also works digitally. Her color palette is beautiful for Printed and Painted Design.
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Jason Gamber

Illustration, mechanical, technical, photoshop, illustrator, pencil, pen
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Jason Gamber Murals

Mural, Wall Art, Painting, Art, Illustration, Interior Design, Large Art, Room, Wall,
View Full Profile linkarrow

Jed Wamhoff Designs + Draws

surf, skate, outdoor, beverage, environments, package design, hand-lettering, branding, retail, display, digital, mobile, merchandise, interactive, website, print,identity, advertising, strategy, creative
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Jeff Foster illustration

illustrator, designer, artist, digital, photoshop, vector, paint by number, old school, poster, prints, outdoor, murals, web art, commission
View Full Profile linkarrow

Jeff McElroy Graphic Designer/Art Director/Illustrator

Art Director, Graphic Designer, Illustration, Production Artist, Graphic Artist, Visual Artist, Visual Designer, Creative Director, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Fireworks, After Effects, PowerPoint, Brand Development, Concept Development, Logo Design, Packaging, 3D Design, Cartoonist.
View Full Profile linkarrow

Jennifer Reynolds, Graphic Design/Illustration

Illustration, Maps, Travel, Infographics, Branding, Food, Wine, Restaurants, Cafes, Editorial, Typography, Children's, Pattern, Colorful, Fun
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Political campaign materials, WordPress website design, logos, large format signs, brochures, banners, children's book illustration
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Jenny Tiffany

digital illustration, logo/branding, character design
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Jessica Warrick Illustration

illustration, sketching, drawing, art, digital art, digital painting, watercolor, Photoshop, cartoons, humor, funny, comics, stories, children's books, picture books,
View Full Profile linkarrow

Joe Koury

Product Design, Product Development, Surface Design, Illustration, Print and Pattern Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Industrial Design, Licensing
View Full Profile linkarrow

Joe Kunin Creative

portrait photography, journalistic photography, commercial photography, brand design, editing, writing, illustration, painting.
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John Levenson Design

User interface, user experience, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, InDesign, Framemaker, Flash, Visio, Omnigraffle, MS Office, HTML, CSS, sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes
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Jolby & Friends

graphic design, art direction, illustration, web design, book design, textile design, character design, branding, packaging, apparel design, advertising.
View Full Profile linkarrow

Jonathan Sundy

character design, illustration, children's book illustration, book cover design, graphic design, caricature, cartooning, digital painting, sketching, editorial, logo, concept generation, drawing, 2D, comics, adobe creative suite, hedgehog wrestling
View Full Profile linkarrow

Joseph Boquiren

Black & White, Cartoon, Digital, Figurative, Line with Color, Pen & Ink, Pencil, Realism, Storyboards, 3-D Rendering, Whimsical, Anime, Humor, Action, Adventure, Animals, People, Portraiture, Architecture, Book Covers, Character Design, Illustration
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Josh “Skull” Dixon

Storyboard, Illustration, Animation, Photoshop, Indesign, Games, Layout,
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Josh Cleland Illustration and Design

Adobe Illustrator, vector, illustration, cartoon, humorous illustration, whimsical illustration, children's book illustration
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Josh Ramp Studios

Logos, Custom Graphics, Typography, Concert Posters, Custom Motorcycle Paint, Branding
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Joshua Burd Illustration

branding, logo, illustration, fine art, photoshop, illustrator, indesign, word, excel, powerpoint, mac, apple, adobe, specialist
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Joshua Lee Sondelski

branding, design, graphic design, marketing, user experience, ui, visual design, web design, illustration, typography, infographics, art direction, video direction, video, social media, copywriting, logo design, strategy, project management
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Julie Eggers Design

Graphic Design, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Logo Design, Identity, ID, Branding, Illustration, Web Design, Book Design, Comic Book Design, Print, Storyboards for Video, Graphic Design for Apps, Production, Display Artist
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Juliet Zulu

Brand, Design, Film, Web, Print, Copy
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Julz Nally Illustration and Design

Illustration, Packaging Design, Pattern Maker, Surface Designer, Visual Thinker, Graphic Designer, Teacher Problem Solver, Apparel Graphics, Vector Graphics, Painter, Invitation Design, Muralist, Branding, Photoshop, Indesign
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Jupiter Woodsman Creative

Identity Design, Branding, Experience Design, Illustration, Print Design, Logo Design and Research-driven Design
View Full Profile linkarrow

Kaleido Design

Collateral Design Logo Design Package Design Corporate Identity Web Design Copy & Content Writing
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ḰALOS Design Studio

Branding, Logo Design, Website Design, Graphic Design, e-Commerce, Subscription Box, LOHAS, Eco, Sustainable, Print, Packaging, Illustration, Marketing, Influencer, Launch, Prelaunch,
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Karyn Servin Illustration

Digital Illustration, editorial illustration, business illustration, surface designer, sketch artist
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Kasey Gifford

illustration character design flash animation graphic design concept art
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Kate Custis Design

illustration, graphic design, identity, hand lettering, branding, print, watercolor media, pen & ink media
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Kate Widdows

print design / t-shirt design / custom lettering / type design / typography / neon signage / logos / high-end image editing / retouching / LP + CD covers - spreads - multi-page booklets / animated gifs / editorial design / publications / illustration / identity / collateral / web basics / Ps / Id / Ai
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Katy Towell Design

Responsive, UX, UI, interaction design, atomic design, web design, application design, branding, animation, illustration, social media strategy
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KeeganMeegan & Co

Letterpress, Illustration, Packaging Design, Branding, Die Cutting, Art Editions, Artistic Printing, Project Management
View Full Profile linkarrow

KEEL Creative

Strategy, Consultation, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Training and Consulting, Content Creation, Blog writing, email marketing, event branding, event marketing and promotion, illustration, branding, brand development
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Keith Rosson Design & Illustration

Illustration, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding, Packaging, Print, Advertising, Apparel
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Kelly Kerwick Design

computer/hand illustration, identity design, web design, typography, hand lettering,
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KindTyme | Cannabis Design

Brand Design, Brand Strategy, Social Design, Social Strategy, Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Package Design, Label Design, T-Shirt Design, Display Design, Product Photography, Digital Media Production, Video, 3D Modeling, Animation, 3D Printing, Logo Design, Creative Agency
View Full Profile linkarrow

Kira Lynn Cain

Illustration, Literary Illustration, Book Covers, Children's Illustration, Lettering
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Koopman Ostbo Marketing Communications

Brand Strategy and Development, Digital and Traditional Advertising, Packaging and Design, Digital and Mobile, Public Relations, and Social Media.
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kt LaRosa

Graphic design, typography, illustration, branding, identity, logos, layout, book design, publication design, editorial illustration, murals, painting
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typography, illustration, hand-lettering, characters, screen-printing, web design, stickers, poster art, gig poster, page layout, print production,
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Kustom Kult Studio

Brand Identity Design, Logo Design, Logotype, Packaging Design, Style Guides, Licensing Guides, Licensing Asset design, Graphic Design, Custom Typography, Iconography, Apparel Graphics, Hand Drawn, Hand Lettering, Action Sports,
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Lake Retreat

storytelling, directing, video production, post production, marketing strategy, creative strategy, digital strategy, social media strategy, campaign strategy, design, branding, graphic design, copywriting, campaign creative, campaign writing, photography
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Laser Ninja Bunny

web UI Design, graphic design, web design, illustration, animation, advertisements, print, apparel design, graphics, html, css, local, art, painting, drawing, conceptual art, concepts, branding, identity, cartoon, cartooning
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Leary Consulting

Marketing, PR, Design, Copy Writing, Branding, Strategy, Web, Customer Service, Sales Training
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Lee Alailima-Rose

Animation, 3D, Visual Development, Video Game, Concept Art, Modeling, Production, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
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LeeAnne Young

Services provided are illustrations for children's books, coloring books,logos,letterheads,websites and fine art painting.
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LeftBrainRightBrain Marketing

marketing, branding, advertising, web design, graphic design, print design, logo design, copy writing, consulting
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Leineweber Design

Designer, Art Director, Illustrator, UI/UX Designer, Branding, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Prepress, Typography, Silkscreening
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Lena Podesta Illustration and Animation

illustration, storyboarding, art, director, children's illustration, editorial, logo, graphic design, character design, painting, web design, flash animation, character animation, after effects, video editing,concept, 2d, sketch, draw, color, whimsical
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Leslie Baird Design

Graphic Design, Web Design, Illustration, Digital Art, Brochures, Print Design, Posters, Logos, Banners, Web Graphics, Magazine Design,
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Letter Shoppe

hand lettering, typography, logo design, branding, illustration, type design, lettering
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LGA Creative

Print Design, Marketing collateral design, market research, community building, event management, storytelling, non-profit discounts, small business communications
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Lindsay Seligman Design

Branding, Identity, Logo, Web Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Print, Packaging, Photography, Startup, Subscription Box, Rebrand, Photography, Video, Beauty, Health, Eco, LOHAS
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Linea Forma Design

technical illustration, 3D modeling, rendering, motion graphics, animation, special effects, graphic design, product development
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Little Miss Alexandra Illustration

Illustrator, Designer, Maker, Writer, Printmaker, Portraits, Identity, Digital Illustrations, Photoshop, Illustrator, Vector, Branding, Logos, Ink Drawings, Paintings, Acrylic, Watercolor, Murals, Hand Drawn Typography, Fabric Pattern Design, Coloring Book Design, Stickers, Embroidery, Sewing, Dolls
View Full Profile linkarrow

Liz Cleaves Illustration

children, watercolor, Artist, book, editoral, greeting cards, Freelance, storytelling, picture book, middle reader
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Lizzie Martin Creative

Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertising Strategy, Advertisement, Print, Web, Apparel Design, Project Management, Web Design, Web Application Design, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media
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Logo Juice

custom lettering, typography, logo design, branding, business cards, stationery, illustration, calligraphy, apparel design
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Lorena Guerra | elloh design

data visualization, typography, grid-based layout, illustration, web, print, textile, multimedia
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Lori Damiano

Illustration, Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, Character Animation, Murals, Design, Graphic Design, Assets, Packaging, Surface Design, Gifs
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LouJean Fobert Graphic Design

Graphic Design • Hand Book Binding Logo design and branding, print collateral, flyers, annual reports, posters, brochures, invitations, etc. Book content and cover design for print, POD, and eBooks. Social media graphics, eBlast templates, infographics, packaging. Book restoration and repair.
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Luis Vargas Design

Graphic Design, Creative/Brand Development and Identity
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Luke Michaels : Designs

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, Dreamweaver, Joomla, Flash, Page DNA, Mac OS, Windows OS, After Effects, Final Cut, Quark, 3D Studio Max, Word Press, Magento, Volusion, Drupal
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Comic Books, Lettering, Logo Design
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Lyndsey Lee Denyer

logo design, retail display, branding, layout, typography, illustration, screen-printing, letterpress, music packaging, physical process, physical media, production photography
View Full Profile linkarrow

M Adam Gerald

Illustration, Graphic Design, Identity,
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M80 Design

Art Director, Creative Direction, identity, concepting, retail POP, product graphics, advertising campaigns, packaging, illustration.
View Full Profile linkarrow

MacPherson Design + Illustration

Print and web design, illustration, layout, branding, logos and collateral, hand-rendered, organic, approachable style, hand-lettering, hand-drawn and vector-drawn, photo editing and manipulation, print production, XHTML/CSS
View Full Profile linkarrow

Magmatic Northwest

design, development, photography, illustration, video, sound design, media, graphic design, web, style guide, marketing, advertising, full service, local, freelance
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makelike design

creative direction, art direction, graphic design, pattern design and illustration, publishing, editorial, marketing, retail environment, packaging, exhibition, product development, identity
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Mark Atherton

graphic design, illustration, advertising, hang tags, labels, logos, icons, hand lettering, typography, page layout, billboards, posters, website, character, trim, branding, brand design, identity, vector, raster, photoshop, illustrator, adobe creative suite, naming, creative direction, art director
View Full Profile linkarrow

Mark Nerys

illustrator, technical illustrator, technical, informational, information, informative, line drawing, line, contour, how to, editorial, cell animation, animation, frame animation, humor, cartoon, funny, comical
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Mark Simon Art & Design

Graphic design, company logos, branding, print advertising, photo manipulation, catalog design, product photography, video and video editing, web.
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Marlowe Dobbe Illustration

illustration, drawing, coloring, screen printing, design, layout, editorial, character design, concept art, branding, portraits, commissions, logo design, social media
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Martin French Studio

Posters, Illustration, Icons, Logos, & Illustrated Lettering
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Mary Schroeder

graphic design, illustration, branding, web design, infographics, wireframes, documentary, typography, lettering, hand lettering
View Full Profile linkarrow

Maryanna Hoggatt

Traditional Illustration, Hand-Lettering, Editorial, Black & White, Ink, Watercolor
View Full Profile linkarrow

Mathew Grigsby Illustration+Design

Illustration, Graphic Design, Character Design, Conceptual Design, Branding, Visual Development, Storyboards, Comics
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Mathew Grubb Graphic Design and Illustration

graphic design, freelance graphic designer, illustration, kid lit art, design, freelance graphic artist, art direction, creative campaigns, business collateral, web graphics, brochure design,
View Full Profile linkarrow

Maureen Long Design

Graphic design, print, digital, project management, restaurant remodeling, branding, exhibit design, interpretive planning, drawings, cartoons, info-graphics, calligraphy, hand lettering.
View Full Profile linkarrow

Megan Chouinard

Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Product Graphics, Pattern Design, Color Design, Trend Analysis
View Full Profile linkarrow

Megan Newell

Graphic design, logo and brand development, marketing collateral, fundraising campaigns, website design, infographics, illustration, merchandise, production, print.
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Illustration, Design, Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, VFX, AR, VR, SparkAR
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illustration, comics and storyboarding, character design and visual development for animation and games
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Vector graphics, Web design, Ninja, Print design, Logos, Doodles, Melvillain, Multimedia, Apparel design,
View Full Profile linkarrow

Meredith Jensen Ltd.

Illustration, Hand Lettering, Food Illustration, Print Design, Graphics, Custom Stationery, Custom Illustrated Maps
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Branding, brand strategy, entity naming, identity systems, copywriting, illustration, web design, web development, packaging design, merchandise design, environmental design, marketing, advertising, public relations.
View Full Profile linkarrow

Metric Brand

Web Design, Web designer, Graphic Design, Front End Design, Front End Designer, UX, User Experience, Web Development, Marketing, Branding
View Full Profile linkarrow

Mia Nolting

lettering, typography, layout, floral, portraiture, portrait, drawing, print, sketch, collage, organic, nature, line, watercolor, pencil
View Full Profile linkarrow

Michael Harris Illustration and Design

illustration, hand lettering, design, branding, web, typography, layout, print, digital, vector, adobe creative suite
View Full Profile linkarrow

Michelle Chen Design

Brand design, Logo design, advertising design, web layout design
View Full Profile linkarrow

Michelle Nguyen

illustration, graphic arts, character design, branding, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator
View Full Profile linkarrow

Mike Riendeau Illustration

illustration, children's books, writing, comics, cartooning, game design, video games, humor, satire, monsters, caricatures, celebrities, pin-ups, girls, portraiture, drawing, photoshop, animation, concept art, animals, creatures, fairy tales, guitars music, horror, graphic novels
View Full Profile linkarrow

Mikey Mann

logo development, brand development, brand consistency, traditional illustration
View Full Profile linkarrow

Minc Work

Illustration, Character Design, Graphic, Graphic Design, Design, Web Design, Web
View Full Profile linkarrow

MKTX, Inc.

content development,content marketing,ad campaigns,trade show material,sales collateral,branding,brand refresh,logo design,article writing,content distribution
View Full Profile linkarrow

Mmmmm Society

Creative Development, Production, Audience Engagement
View Full Profile linkarrow

Morgaine Faye

editorial illustration, art direction, design, layout, stop-motion, animation, set design, prop building, armature fabrication,
View Full Profile linkarrow

Moto Interactive + Branding

naming, logo design, brand design, website design, online strategy, e-commerce websites, marketing materials, advertising
View Full Profile linkarrow

Murmur Creative

Branding, Logo Design, Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Print Design, SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Photography, and More.
View Full Profile linkarrow

Murphy Phelan

Illustration, packaging design, branding, murals.
View Full Profile linkarrow

Mutt Industries

brand identity, brand campaigns, product campaigns, digital advertising, logo design, photography, post production, film & video production
View Full Profile linkarrow

Nate Jensen – Illustrator

illustration, animation, design, editorial, children's book, fine art, app, graphics, mural, icon, advertising, caricature, character, concept art
View Full Profile linkarrow

Nic Lembck

Graphic Design, Web Design, Print Design, HTML, CSS, PHP, Branding
View Full Profile linkarrow

Nichole Galloway Design

Graphic Design, Logos, Identity Design, Illustrations, Business Collateral, Letterhead, Envelopes, Web Banners, Advertisements, Print Media, Brochures, Rack Cards, SWAG, Prepress
View Full Profile linkarrow

Noah Illustration

Illustration, Photoshop, Drawing, Digital Painting, Design, Comics, Poster art, Pen and Ink, Comic Book, Graphic, Bold, Figure Drawing, Screen Printing, Editorial Illustration, Concept Art, Book Publishing, Advertising
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branding, sports, technology, strategic, retail, video, advertising, motion graphics, interactive, web design, packaging, sales support
View Full Profile linkarrow

Not Rocket Science

Creative Concept Development,Copywriting,Project Management,Conceptual Design,Workflow,Process Development,Detail-intense Production,Video Production,Interactive Web Design,Flash Content.
View Full Profile linkarrow

Oddling Ink

advertising, marketing, print, digital, creative, media, illustrator, illustration, graphic, designer, animator, character, artist, tattoo, book, vector, raster, 3D, paint, painting, concept, conceptual, dark, fantasy, haunting, horror, design
View Full Profile linkarrow

Option-G Visual Communication

illustration, art direction, design, advertising, brand identity, original content, video
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textile design, fabric design, illustration, fashion, fashion illustration, graphic design, graphic illustration, repeat pattern, print, pattern, repeat, placed graphic, engineered graphic, textiles, apparel, footwear, product graphics, interior design, surface design, surface pattern design
View Full Profile linkarrow

Owen Jones & Partners

Brand strategy & story development, branded content development, environmental branding, interactive web & app development, and branded campaigns, motion design & video production, advertising of all kinds
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animation, motion graphics, 3d, illustration, character rigging
View Full Profile linkarrow

Piers Rippey Design

html, css, php, responsive, elegant, functional
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3D, animation, 2D, creative, VFX, visualization, interactive experiences, art, technology, web, branding, exhibits, graphic design
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web design portland , website design portland, web development portland, seo portland, seo pdx, draphic designer portland, website portland, marketing portland, web design, website design, seo, strategy, marketing, wbsite, pdx, portland, beaveton, ads, ad, web design, web development, seo beaverton
View Full Profile linkarrow

Planet Argon

Ruby on Rails, UX Design, Deployment, Code Review, Code Audit, Front-end Development, Backend Development, Information Architecture, Responsive Design, Interaction Design, CMS, Database Integration, eCommerce, Ideation, Discovery Workshop, Iterative, agile
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Branding, brand strategy, entity naming, identity systems, copywriting, illustration, web design, web development, packaging design, merchandise design, environmental design, marketing, advertising, public relations.
View Full Profile linkarrow

Priscilla & Company Creative

Design, Branding, Advertising, Creative Writing, Public Relations, Media Planning, Print, Web, Packaging, Invitations
View Full Profile linkarrow

Rains | Birchard Marketing, Inc.

marketing, web site design, branding, interactive design, 3D modeling and animation
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Graphic Design, Patterns, Branding, Logo design
View Full Profile linkarrow

Ravit Solomon

3D modeling, 3D animation, 2D animation, Photoshop, Maya, After Effects, Flash, Illustrator, painting, art instillation, motion graphics, CG
View Full Profile linkarrow

Rebekah Schiffer

identity, branding, graphic design, print design, logo design, t-shirt design,
View Full Profile linkarrow

Reggie U. Bliss

Flash, Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, Actionscript 3, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, WordPress CMS, Javascript, jQuery, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, ZBrush, Maya, 3DS Max, Adobe After Effects
View Full Profile linkarrow

Relevant Studios

BRANDING: Brand Strategy, Logo & Identity Design, Content Development, Digital Design, Print & Packaging -- INTERACTIVE: Website Design, Custom Development, Content Management Systems, eCommerce.
View Full Profile linkarrow

Rivetry Design Studio

Branding, Strategy, Brand Guidelines, Positioning, Logo, Icon, Visual Identity, Copywriting, Packaging, Print, Digital, Web Design and Development, Campaigns, Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography
View Full Profile linkarrow

Rob Kramer Graphic Designer/Illustrator

Postcards, Business Cards, Brochures, Posters, Stickers, Logos, Web Graphics, Adobe CS, Illustrator, Photoshop, Print-Ready, Editorial Illustrations, Comic Strips, Tee-shirt Graphics, Children's Book Illustrations
View Full Profile linkarrow

Robin Phillips Studio

design, art, illustration, new age, non profit, small business, logo, brand identity, web design, inspirational art,
View Full Profile linkarrow

Room Service Creative

Branding, Interior Design, Content Creation, Event Design & Planning, Photography, Product Styling, Prop Styling, Food Styling, Graphic Design, Packaging, Visualizing Brands, Space Planning, Interior Design Consultation, Interior Decoration, Copywriting, Video Production, 3D & Motion Graphic
View Full Profile linkarrow

Rose Coloured Glasses

Graphic Design Wordpress Web Design Illustration Responsive Design Editorial Design
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creative design social strategy account media illustration facebook applications mobile development iphone ipad android youtube flash
View Full Profile linkarrow

Ryan Bubnis Illustration

illustration, murals, art direction, advertising, ad campaigns, events, design, editorial, publishing
View Full Profile linkarrow

Safety Head Fred Productions LLC

2D, Stop Motion, 3D, Computer, Explainer, IT, Marketing, Web, Traditional, Video Game, Phone, Poster, Print, Web Layout
View Full Profile linkarrow

Saint Ram Creative

Logos, brand creation, labeling, packaging, illustration, print design: collateral, brochures, catalogs, posters, promotional materials
View Full Profile linkarrow

Salt Foundry

branding, graphic design, creative services, web design, custom apparel, screen printing
View Full Profile linkarrow

Samantha Yatovitz

Art direction, graphic design, creative direction, concept development, branding, book design, print, television, web
View Full Profile linkarrow

Savage Creative

Creative Direction, Branding, Brand Building, Direct Marketing, One-to-One Marketing, Digital Marketing, Illustration, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Writing, Market Strategy, Advertising, Marketing, New Product Launch, Package Design, Trade Show Design, Promotions
View Full Profile linkarrow

Sharon Jameson

Video, Producer, Graphic, Design, Logo, Print, Brochures, Business cards, Websites, Art Direction, Digital, Film.
View Full Profile linkarrow

Shawna X, visual stimulator

illustration, graphic design, editorial illustration, branding, web design
View Full Profile linkarrow


Graphic Design, Web Design, Front End Development, Branding, Identity Design, UX, IA, Illustration
View Full Profile linkarrow

Showdeer Design

graphic design, illustration, branding, web design, logo design, identity
View Full Profile linkarrow


editorial, portrait, animals, watercolor, acrylics, ink, graphic design, social assets, websites, digital banners, printed banners, POS, direct mail, email, catalogues, brochures, logos, photo retouching, basic HTML, shirt design, identity, branding, adobe, photoshop, indesign, illustrator, fliers
View Full Profile linkarrow

Simply Kumquat

Painting, Drawing, Pen, Ink, Gouache, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Crayon, Marker, Paper, Assemblage, Collage, Storytelling, Metaphor, Posters, Sandwich-boards, Social Media, Blogging, Magazines, Editorial, Education, Postcards, Brochures, Packaging, Toys, Health, Happiness
View Full Profile linkarrow

Sina Design

Logo and branding design, magazine design and layout, front end website design, illustration
View Full Profile linkarrow


illustration, graphic design, photography, video, apparel design, apparel graphics, textile design, print design, fashion, photography, textiles,fashion, look books, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Designer, photographer, videographer, Illustrator, Fine Art
View Full Profile linkarrow

Sketchbook, Inc.

3d design, 3d animation, 3d modeling, 3d rendering, 3d illustration, 3d retail, 3d visualization, motion graphics, sportswear design, photoreal, retail design, environmental design
View Full Profile linkarrow

Skyberry Studio

logos, web design, graphic design, cartoon illustrations, social media marketing, software development
View Full Profile linkarrow

SkyHawk Studios

website design, web graphics, graphic design, logo design, packaging design, print design, publication design, 3D modeling, magazine design, book covers, cd covers, trade show booth design, fliers, catalogs, brochures, letterhead
View Full Profile linkarrow

Slamm Designs

Portland, Oregon, graphic design, design, logo, branding, brochure design, website design, marketing, advertising, presentations, power point, packaging, tradeshows, promotions, cannabis branding, branding, cannabis, advertising, squarespace design, wordp
View Full Profile linkarrow


graphic design, web design, packaging design, content management, production design, illustration, layout, branding development, collateral design, logo, business card, brochure, website, catalog, advertising, animation and digital design
View Full Profile linkarrow

Sparky Firepants Images

licensor, license, character illustration, logo illustration, product, editorial, magazine, newspaper, animation, cartoon
View Full Profile linkarrow

Spectera Graphic Design

photoshop, color correction, clipping paths, book design, ad design, email design/coding, slider design, packaging design, flyers, brochures, illustration, catalogs, websites, wordpress,
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conversion optimization, digital marketing, seo, sem, ppc, analytics, heat mapping, social media, site optimization, paid search, website segmentation, forecasting, traditional marketing, radio, tv, video, production
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Graphic Design, Illustration, Brand Identity
View Full Profile linkarrow

Station Four

design, development, marketing, web design, digital marketing, web development, digital strategy, branding, e-commerce, UX design, UI design, market research, paid search, PPC, SEO, social media, print, package design
View Full Profile linkarrow

Steve Anderson Design & Illustration

Photo Illustration, Design, Illustration, Retouching, Graphic Design, Packaging, Style Gude Development
View Full Profile linkarrow

Studio Sinclair

Magazine and Publication Layout, Retail Product Design, Brand Development, Illustration.
View Full Profile linkarrow

Susan Andreson Design

graphic design, illustration, package design, publication design, production, broadcast design, environmental design, typeface design, t-shirt illustration, accessory design & story boarding.
View Full Profile linkarrow

Tall Whiskey Ginger

Hand-lettering, Typography, Illustration, Design
View Full Profile linkarrow

Taylor Luke Design

Letterpress, Corporate Identity Design, Brochures & Collateral, Website Design, Package Design, Boutique Package Printing, Logo Design, Business Card Design, Business Card Printing, Illustration, Tradeshow Display Design, User Interface Design
View Full Profile linkarrow

Ted Gadecki Illustration

Realistic product illustrations and 3D renders
View Full Profile linkarrow

Tempest Toons, LLC

2D animation, storyboarding, character animation, compositing, Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Toon Boom
View Full Profile linkarrow

tenToesUp Interactive

Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, logo design, web design, animation, banner ads, billboard design, branding, 3d, Maya, adobe, wordPress,Joomla
View Full Profile linkarrow

Teresa Diepenbrock Design

graphic design, illustration, hand lettering, typography, branding, print, digital, email, blog, packaging, t-shirt design, infographics, stationery, wedding collateral
View Full Profile linkarrow


branding, identity, graphic, design, illustration
View Full Profile linkarrow

The LoFi Aesthetic

Painting, Photography, Art Direction, Screen Printing, Xerox Collage Artist
View Full Profile linkarrow

The Other House

Motion Graphics, Animation, Production, Post Production, Green Screen, Web Design, Broadcast Design, Styling, Development, Copywriting
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The Studio of Derek S. Moore

Front-end Development, Web and Logo Design, Sass, HTML, Javascript and PHP, Project Management, Creative Direction, Technical Consulting, Training and Support
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The Study

Branding, Strategy, Logos, User Experience, Website Design, Custom Squarespace, Custom Wordpress, Packaging, Product Graphics, Event Graphics, Textile Patterns, Promotional Design, Woman Owned
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The Super Duper Awesome

Print, Packaging, Branding, Editorial, Logo
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Thomas Jockin

typeface design, lettering, logotypes
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Thyra Helgesen: Illustration & Design

Editorial Illustration, Zoological & Botanical Illustration, Portraiture, Children's Book Illustration, and Surface & Poster Design.
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TINJ Creative

Graphic, Print, App, Product & Web Design/Development, UI/UX, Branding/Identity, Packaging, Logos, Photography, Video
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Creativity, Branding, Design, Logos, Motion Graphics, Illustration, Print, Advertising, Social media, Mobile Adds, Game, Promotion, Film, Webseries,
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Todd Saucier

advertising, graphic design, art direction, writing, logo design, sculpture, hand made goods.
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Tory Cunningham

Graphic Design, Illustration, Editorial, Branding, Logos, Posters, T-shirt Design, Icon Design, Simple UI/UX Design, Book Covers, Brochures, Packaging
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Total Design Shop

website design/redesign, graphic design, web development, mobile, seo, ppc, social media, logo, identity, branding
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Branding, Web Development, UX/UI Design, Digital Strategy, Graphic Design
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Tr3s Creative

Graphic Design, Web Design, Logo Design, Branding, Identity, Squarespace, Marketing, Advertising, Small Business, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Computer Graphics, Print Design, Websites, Apparel, Printing,
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print design: business cards, postcards, brochures, letterhead advertising graphics: studio driven, collage, drawing, painting 2d and 3d design for environments.
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Urban Creatives

Brand strategy, branding, brand identity design, marketing, web design and development, SEO, print design
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Urban Wild Studio

graphic recording, visual note taking, scribing, illustration, graphic design, branding, displays
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Vaya Creative

Retouching & Color correction, Product Photography, 360° Spins, Print & Web Designs, Ad Fulfillment, Complex Packaging Files, Contract Proofs, Custom Art Services, Print and Web design, and custom large format
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Vicious Designs LLC

Illustration, Graphic Design, Voice Over, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Animation, Web Design, Word Press, Creative Writing, Screen Play, Book Illustration, Branding, Logo, Signage, Brochures, Business Card
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Vivian Chen

illustration, Book illustration, art, editorial illustration, fashion illustration, graphic novel, cover illustration, life style illustration, web design, app design, character design
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Waite! Illustrate

Illustration, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding/Identity, Content Creation, Advertising, Digital Design, Book Cover Design, Layout Design, Packaging Design, Product Illustration, Editorial Illustration, Social Media Advertising, Children's Book Illustration, Poster Design, Blog Illustration
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Walker Studio

branding, web, app, UI/UX, web, illustration, packaging
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Walton Illustration + Design

caricature, cartoon, freelance, logos, editorial,advertising, spokes characters,mascots,humorous illustration,infographics, digital
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Brand Design, Print, Graphic Design, Video, Animations, Storytelling, Marketing Sites, Ecommerce Stores, Packaging and more.
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design, advertising, creative, photography, branding, re-branding, logo design, brand decks, web development, ecommerce, application development, gorilla marketing, causal marketing, video, production, video editing, post production, pre-production
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William Hart

Graphic Design, Web Design, UX/UI Design, Email Design, Typography, Handlettering, Logo Design, Font Design, Communication Design, Conceptual Thinking, Editorial Design, Branding & Identity, Presentation Design
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Yon and Yonder Studio LLC

3D Character Animation, Technical Illustration, Illustration, 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Character Design, Concepting, Wireframing, Storyboarding, Branding, Web Design
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Young Illustration

Adobe Creative Suite 6,Painter XII,Procreate for iPad,Flash,Maya
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Zak Helm

Branding/Identity, Logos, Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography, Art, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, NI Maschine, Painting, Drawing.
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Zoom Creates

website design, digital marketing, branding, PPC, SEO, SEM, Social Media, advertising, marketing, ORM
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Zornado Design

motion graphics, book binding, calligraphy, animation
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