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Accidental Color

Vehicle, Large Format, Packaging, Print collateral, Beer labels, Identity, Fine art, Painting, Photoshop, Illustrator, Mascot, Voice Over
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Alison Grayson

location sound, field recording, utility, documentary, run and gun, commercial, corporate, non-fiction, guerrilla, travel, cinema verite
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Andrew Poole Todd

Audio, composer, music, orchestral, classical, sound design, mixing, ambient
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Audio Slate Labs

stock tracks, film scores, voiceover, soundtracks, foley sounds, sound design, jingles, songs, music, audio, recording, studio, sound recording, production, production music, library, song library
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Audio Works

Interviewing, Mixing and Mastering,Archiving and Storage, Recording and Editing, Sound Effects, Format and FTP File Transfer
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Ben Luce

traditional animation, animator, traditional illustration, digital illustration, after effects, flash, photoshop, illustrator, premiere, 3ds max, maya, cinema 4d, ableton, reason
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Bernard Matthews Audio Production

music, Sound design, Audio engineering,Audio mixing, Audiomastering, Music editing, Audio post, VR, sound scapes, audio design, advertising, film, TV, commercials, album, records, production
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Black Fire Audio

SFX editing, original music composition, sound design, Foley, sound & music mixing, and dialogue/sound editing
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bReel Podcast & Audiobook Production

Podcast, Production, Coaching, Audio Recording, Recording, Voice Over, Distribution, Audiobook, Storytelling, Brands
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Brick House Interactive

Web design, web deveopment, app development, search engine optimization (SEO), mobile development, graphic design, animation, video
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Bridgetown Creative

video, photo, audio, video production, photography, videography, editing, editor, videographer, video editing, audio engineering, audio recording, recording, commercial, branded, corporate, music, music video, film, filmmaking, production, studio, advertising, documentary
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Bryan Minus Music

Composer, Scores, Music,Recording,Audio Engineering, Audio Post-Production
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Buck Studio

Photography, Video, NW, Production, Support, Content, full, service, commercial, outdoor, lifestyle, sport, fashion, media, creative
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Calin Matei Studios

Audio, Composition, Multi-instrumentalist, Audio Postproduction, Mastering, Sound Design, Talent, Jazz, Blues, World Music, Reggae, Hiphop, Funk, Flamenco,
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cascadnac sound

sound design, composing, electronic music, sound effects, soundscapes
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Charlton Marketing

Media strategy, media buying, retail advertising, marketing strategy, advertising co-op group management, creative services, television and radio production, digital media, social media, branding
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Cinco Design

Product Design, Experience, CMF, Merchandising, Photography, Design for Manufacturing, DFM, Engineering, Logo, Brand Identity, 360 Design, Portland, Industrial Design, ID, Graphic Design
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Documentary, Video Portraits, Short film production
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Promotional and Wedding Videography, Photography, Graphic Design, Marketing & Branding, Motion Graphics, Architectural Renderings.
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Clint Beastwood

After Effects, Hand Drawn, 2D, Traditional, Character Animation,
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Clint Snow

Custom sound for picture, Original Music, Film Scoring, Audio Post-Production, Sound Design, Sound Effects, Dialog Editing, Mix, Foley.
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Cory West-Forbes

recording, production, live sound, mixing, location sound, field recording, commercial, corporate
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Definition Branding & Marketing

Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media, Advertising, Media Buying, Crisis Management, Content Services, Integrated programs, video production, social media marketing, special events, trade show support, media relations
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Digital One

Sound Design, 5.1 Surround Mixing, HD Broadcast Finishing, Music Composition & Licensing, Talent Casting, Voice Over Recording, Editing, Sound Effects, ADR, Dialog Editing, ISDN Recording, Racing Bikes
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Duro compagnie

motion design, 3d animation, film, visual effects, post production, illustrations, 3d design, print, advertising, interactive, environmental, branding, TV, digital, story board, style frames, graphic design, identity
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Edge Multimedia

advertising, marketing, media planning, media buying, seo
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EnviroMedia Social Marketing

Enviromental, public health, social marketing, public relations, advertising, full-service, media buying,
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Evan Feenstra

Custom Music, Sound Design, ADR, Foley, Mix, Master, Voiceover, Video
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figure 8 sound

Original Music Score, Sound Design, 2.0 Mixing, 5.1 Mixing, Audio Repair and Restoration, Audio Editing, Foley, ADR, VO Recording, Musicians and Bands Recording, Drum Kit Recording, Music Production, Music Arranging, Multi-Instrumental Performance
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Flatline Recording Studios

Composition, Mixing, Mastering, Recording, Sound Design, Voice Overs, Video Editing, Graphic Design.
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Forrest Brennan

360, stitching, editing, editor, shooter, video editor, post production, specialist, post audio, post sound, VFX, colorist. Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop, DaVinci, Resolve, Kolor, Autopano Video, Pro, Giga, iZotope, RX 5, Adobe Encore, DVD Studio Pro, authoring
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Brand, Marketing, Digital, and Communication Strategy, Positioning, Advertising, Media Planning, Social Content Creation, Identity & Logo Development, Copywriting, Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Experiential & Environmental Design, Video, Photography, Website Development, Storytelling
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Pre Production, Production, Post Production, Strategy, Animation, Digital Signage, Branded Content, Direct Response Video, eCommerce Video, Event Video, Training Video, Consumer Engagement Video, Promotion Video, Sales Video
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Fuzz LLC

3D, Motion, Design, Interactive Design, Interaction Design, UI, UX, User Experience, Front-end Development, Development, CMS
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Gaumont Design

art direction, art director, design, designer, broadcast design, identity design, print design, interactive design, web design, package design, illustration, broadcast, identity, print, web, interactive, new media, earned media, pre-press, photoshop, illustrator, indesign, dreamweaver, advertising
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GMS Media and Advertising

film production, videography, photography, post production, advertising, da vinci, adobe premiere, final cut pro, creative direction
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Grant Harold / Radar Flora

sound design, music composition, digital
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music, audio, music for ads, music for video, music for television, music for films, custom composition, sound design, experiential, brand mnemonics, mixing, mastering, recording, production, post-production, voice over, licensing.
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Howard Hoffman / Vitaphone, LLC Studios

voiceover, voice acting, voice over, audio production, post production, copywriting, advertising, broadcast branding, promos, commercials,
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piano recording, arranging, jazz, music notation, audio book recording, surround sound mixing, pro tools, logic x, Reason, mixing, mastering
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Intersect Video

video production, multimedia localization, film studio
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Island Station Media Lab

voice over, music videos, cooking shows, photography, podcasts, production studio, web series, reel to reel, content creation, green room
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Sound Design, Film, After Effects, Motion Graphics, Music Production, Final Cut Pro, Visual Effects, Film Production, Photoshop, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, ADR, PSR.
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Jamie Haggerty

Editing, sound design, music, After Effects, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro
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Jonathan Dalton Productions

Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Producer, Film composer, Film Sound Mixer & Boom operator.
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Joni Kabana Studio

Advertising, commercial, storytelling, stills, video, sound, corporate annual reports, corporate portraits, non-profit, humanitarian, corporate social responsibility, beauty, fine art, event coordination
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Joseph Miller – Music Supervision

Music, music licensing, music supervision, music clearance, sonic branding, jingles, jingle, music library, composer, film score, music, score
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Josh Shroy Mix

Audio Engineering, Mixing, Sound Mixing, Mastering, Recording, Editing, Production, Post-production, Composing, Sound Design, Voice Over,
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Justin F Valls

Sound, Audio, Location Sound, Recording, Mixing, Photography, Still, Portrait, Landscape
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Justin Perspective

video pre production, production, post production, filming, editing, lighting, video branding, video marketing, photography, audio for video, script writing, storyboarding, graphic design, video advertising.
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KindTyme | Cannabis Design

Brand Design, Brand Strategy, Social Design, Social Strategy, Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Package Design, Label Design, T-Shirt Design, Display Design, Product Photography, Digital Media Production, Video, 3D Modeling, Animation, 3D Printing, Logo Design, Creative Agency
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Laki Karavias

video capture, video editing, video direction, video production, premiere pro, animation, motion design,
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Liam Gillies

Photographer, DP, Creative, Commercial, Editorial, Portrait, Fashion, Sport, Product, Travel, Red, movi, steadicam
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license, music, music library, royalty free, film, TV, multimedia, original music, production music, commercial license, audio tracks, action, drama, ambient, romantic, corporate, sci-fi, stingers, exotic, fusion, worldbeat, relax, tranquil, whimsical, music bed, downloads
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Magmatic Northwest

design, development, photography, illustration, video, sound design, media, graphic design, web, style guide, marketing, advertising, full service, local, freelance
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March Electric

Audio, Post-Production, Recording, Mixing, Sound Design, Composition
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Marmoset Music

Music Licensing, Original Music Production, Music Supervision, Music Clearances, Sound Design, Music Composition, Music Education, Film Scoring
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Matt Harmon Audio

sound design, sfx, foley, abstract audio effects, editing, sweetening, mixing/mastering, composition, recording, production
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Matthew G. Monroe –– Location Sound

location sound, location audio, sound mixer, recordist, sound, audio, documentary, corporate, commercial
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McKenzie Stubbert

Original Music, Audio Post-Production, Ad music, Film music, Sound effects, Sound design, Game Music
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Illustration, Design, Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, VFX, AR, VR, SparkAR
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Michael Herrman Music

Composing, producing, arranging, engineering, mixing, guitarist, song-writing, vocalist,
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Mike McCarthy Consulting

voice over, media buying, marketing, creative, podcasting, crisis communications
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Milen Slavov, composer-performer-producer

composer, performer, producer, film, TV, multimedia, world music, fusion, music library, accordion, Bulgarian, Balkan, entertainment
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Murmur Creative

Branding, Logo Design, Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Print Design, SEO, Pay-Per-Click, Photography, and More.
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Nathan C. McGregor

Audio, mastering, mixing, composer, electronic music, recording, commercial music,
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Needle Drop Co.

Production Music, Music, Licensing, Score, Custom Music, Music Supervision, Music Curation, Portland Music, Instrumental Music, Composing, Sound Design, Composer, Original, Advertising, Broadcast, Branding, Sound, Indie Music, Scoring,
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Nemesis Sound

Sound Design, Foley, Voice-over, Composition, Music, Mixing, Mastering, Audio, Editing, Film, Video Games, Interactive
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New North Sound | Music and Post

Original Music, Film Scoring, Music Licensing, Recording Studio, Audio-Post, Sound Design, Sound FX, Foley, ADR, Voice Over, Dialog Editing, Mixing.
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New Sky Productions

Commercials, Video, Film, Aerial, Brand, Storytelling, Artist, Corporate Video,
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New World Films

Adobe/Apple Products: After Effects Bridge Director Dreamweaver Flash Encoder Final Cut Pro Photoshop Premier Pro
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Nick Dolan Music

Film Scoring, Video Game Scoring, Music Editing, Music Supervision, Jingle Writing, Music Orchestration, Music Arranging, Conducting, Music Copying.
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Noah Woodburn

Post-Sound, Broadcast Mixing, Cinema Mixing, 5.1 Mixing, Sound Design, Foley, Dialogue Editing, SFX Editing, Custom Music, Music Production, Full Sound Supervision. Walking Dogs. Riding Bikes
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Branding, Marketing, Digital
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Not Rocket Science

Creative Concept Development,Copywriting,Project Management,Conceptual Design,Workflow,Process Development,Detail-intense Production,Video Production,Interactive Web Design,Flash Content.
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Open Field Recording

Location Audio Recording, Lush Sounds, Field Recordings, Multi-channel, Ambisonics, HD digital
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Option-G Visual Communication

illustration, art direction, design, advertising, brand identity, original content, video
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Osiander Music Studios

Film Composition, Symphonic Composition, Music, Sound, Foley, Cues
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Perfect Prescription

Music, Film, TV, Advertising, Commercials, Audio,
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Pythian Studios

event rentals, creative space, movement classes, rehearsals, audio recording, band rehearsals, music studio, yoga studio, dance studio, pilates studio, nia studio, book club, creative retreat, meditation center, art space, photography studio, music venue, party venue, event space, creative workshops
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Quadrant 5 Studios

Music, Composition, Composer, Sound, Audio, Post, Production, Sound Design, Engineer, SFX, Editor, Portland
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Rich Sound Studio, LLC

sound mixer, boom operator, post sound, sound editor, sound design, surround mixing, 5.1 mixing, stereo mixing, broadcast sound, field audio, commercial sound, film sound
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Sonic Branding, Music Licensing, Friendly Music
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Ryan Huff Sound

Film Scoring, Sound Design, Post Production Audio, Composition
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Sanders Post

video, audio, post, production, sound, design, mixing, editorial, editing, color, correction, colorist, avid, adobe, premiere, final cut, pro tools, davinci, resolve, branded content, advertising, trailer, documentary, commercial, tv, reality, promo,
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Saturn Duplication

Graphic Design, Prepress, Print, CD, DVD, CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, Duplication, Replication
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Silver Line Sound

Location Audio, Location Sound Recording, Documentary Sound, ENG, Corporate, Commercial, Sound Design, Music Composition, Composer, Music, Audio Engineering, Audio Mixing, Audio Mastering, Audio Restoration, Original Music, Music Production
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Soundtrack Pros

Audio Design, Composition, Engineering and Mastering:Cubas,Kontact,Vienna Symphonies,Voice libraries,voice over,Real drums,loops,UAD
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Specialized Mastering

Digital Mastering, Analog Mastering, Music Mastering, Portland Mastering Studio, Audio Restoration Online Mastering eMastering
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conversion optimization, digital marketing, seo, sem, ppc, analytics, heat mapping, social media, site optimization, paid search, website segmentation, forecasting, traditional marketing, radio, tv, video, production
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Brand advertising, Interactive, In-store/Retail, Channel Marketing,Social Media, Account Planning, Brand development, Video Production, Film Production, Graphic Design, Animation, Motion Graphics, 3D production, Post-production, Sales Training, Product Demo, Display design
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Interactive & Motion Media, Web Design, Graphic Design, CMS Development, Social Media, Print
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Stomping Ground Foley

Foley, Sound Engineering, Audio, Sound, Post Production, Consulting, Support, Mixing, Mastering, Production, Support
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Striped Shirt Cinema

Online video, producer, director, editor, Final Cut Pro, Adobe CS6, Premiere Pro, After Effects, creative services, videography
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Tim Gorman / Timtone Media

music, songwriting, audio, pro, keyboard player, vocalist, sound design, audio applications, producer, music director, composer, arranger
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Todd Bayles

music production, audio editing, mixing, music recording, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, organ, keyboards, accordion, electric bass, drums, cello, voice-over
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Trevor Smith Music

Original Music, Ad music, Film music, Sound effects, Sound design, Game Music, Voice Talent
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Two Penguins

Full-service creative agency, fashion/lifestyle photography, narrative music video
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underwater research and design

Mixing, Mastering, Audio Editing, Vocal Editing, Vocal Tuning, Sound Design, Recording
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User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Content Strategy and Development, Software Development, Web Development, Film/Video Production, Environmental Design
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Visual Aid, Inc.

Broadcast Production, Post-Production, Commercials, Digital Press Releases, Film Editing, High Impact Promotional, Sizzle Reels, HD Production Services, Story Boards, Trans-Media for Mobile
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Wesley Sound (Jeremy Wesley)

Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Restoration, Location Sound, Film and Video Production Sound, Film and Video Post Production Sound, ADR, Audiobooks, Music, Live Sound, Travel, Adventure
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White Horse Productions Inc.

websites, Web sites, web development, digital strategy, user experience, user research, digital design, interactive design, mobile sites, responsive design, tablet sites, audio recording, technical engineering, Ektron CMS, Drupal, WordPress, Umbraco
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Young Bay Productions

Custom music, Audio, Sound design, Foley and podcast editing.
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Zak Helm

Branding/Identity, Logos, Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography, Art, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, NI Maschine, Painting, Drawing.
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Zangs Films

film production, outdoor, cinematography, red dragon camera, aerial, underwater, 4k, 5k, 6k, post-production, editing, color grading, vfx, music production
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Zebradonkey Media

Podcast, Production, Editing, Audio, Recording, Voice Over, Audiobook, Storytelling, Sound Design, Foley
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