Murphy Phelan

Murphy Phelan

Murphy is an illustrator, artist, and designer here in Portland with nearly a decade of experience working with clients in murals, poster design and editorial illustration, packaging, and branding. He creates bright, irreverent and wobbly work that twists reality, challenges gravity, and catches you sleeping on the job. Among these projects, Murphy’s illustration experiences include work for not one, but two of his musical heros. You can see his illustrations in Howler magazine, in the Working-Not-Working magazine, on the packaging of two major Portland coffee roasters, the walls of a hip Chinese restaurant, on wine labels in New York City, in every room of a Seattle hotel, inside a vegan restaurant in San Diego, and on a deck of playing cards for the band Modest Mouse. Along with his commercial work, Murphy has exhibited his art in Los Angeles, Portland, and Vancouver BC.


Illustration, packaging design, branding, murals.


Modest Mouse, Portland Trailblazers, Howler Magazine, Portland Timbers, Working Not Working, Coava Coffee Roasters, Water Ave Coffee, Fossil & Fawn, Danwei Canting, The State Hotel, and The Great North.

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