Gist Brands

Gist Brands

OVERVIEW: As a brand strategist and rebranding specialist, I help successful businesses and organizations that have outgrown their brands get unstuck and evolve to the next level. I guide leaders and teams to take stock, find their niche, express themselves, and reinvigorate both their image and their passion.

MIND SHIFT: My goal is to educate clients that their brand is not their logo or an aesthetic exercise that creates new “decorative wallpaper.” Effective branding goes deep into an organization; it’s not just a creative veneer. At heart, we all know this intrinsically since we have experienced brands that looked good from the outside but under-delivered or completely failed in actual product or service experience.

THE WORK: At its most basic, it’s first about an organization having a deep understanding of both itself and its customers (or other stakeholders) and then empowering the entire team to be able to talk about the organization in a unique, compelling, and consistent way. It’s about defining “the word,” before you spend so much time, effort, and money trying to “get the word out.” That’s real branding. It’s getting your understandings, strategy, story, messages, and visuals into alignment and working together. And, yes, sometimes a new logo helps, too.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Reinventing legacy organizations and evolving brand strategy, messaging, and identity is the complete focus of my business, not a sideline or extra offering as it is for many designers, agencies, and developers. And my “secret sauce” is helping you find or rediscover yours.


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Agencies, Architects, Arts and Entertainment, Construction, Consultants, Developers, Engineering, Financial Services, Healthcare, High Tech, Higher Education, Hospitality, Law Firms, Manufacturing, Nonprofits, Professional Services, Public Relations, Real Estate, Retail

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