Alexandria Levin

Hello. I am a Portland-based graphic designer, front-end web developer, art director, fine artist, and creativity coach, with many years of experience in successfully designing and producing an extensive range of projects, both online and in print. My clientele is diverse, from individuals to major corporations and universities.

For the web, I am accomplished in writing CSS, HTML, and media queries, as well as UI/UX, website analysis, reorganization, and creating social media web graphics. For print, I have worked on almost every type of project there is.

My expertise is in being logical and creative, intuitive and pragmatic, with an organizational approach that considers both the minute details and the big picture of any project. The result is work that is clean, functional, and professional.

For super-creative, experienced, top-quality, well-organized, and highly-recommended personal service, with on-time and on-budget excellent results, contact me. Let’s talk. I am interested in doing what is best for you, and therefore, what is best for your clientele, customers, and/or audience.


Web and mobile design and development, UI/UX, site overhauls, web graphics, art direction, graphic/print design and production, books, annual reports, presentation and marketing materials, newsletters, posters, infographics, branding/identity, illustration, fine art, creative coaching, project mgmt.


Corporate in-house art departments, non-profit organizations, audio-visual companies, advertising agencies, design studios, universities, municipalities, medical, tech, and other small businesses and start-ups, artists, musicians, plus independent projects and assisting other designers.

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Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design
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Alexandria Levin
(267) 231-4322
2505 SE 11th Ave., Suite B004, Portland, OR 97202