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Alita Films

Bringing stories to life from the far corners of the world in visual, intimate, and visceral ways, Alita Films is a documentary production company that specializes in creating high-quality documentary driven content for cinema, television, and online platforms. Led by principal filmmaker Jessica Sherry, Alita Films produces both long- and short-form content for clients including National Geographic, Aljazeera+, PBS, and Discovery Digital, from inception to completion. Our work includes branded content pieces, video journalism, non-fiction television, non-profit and educational work. We also produced our first feature documentary, Waiting for John (www.waitingforjohndoc.com), which premiered in film festivals and on PBS last year. We’re available to produce, shoot and edit and we specialize in international documentary production. Alita Films strives to tell stories that promote respect, empathy, and understanding of cultures worldwide. People are fascinating, fascinatingly similar in their struggles, amazingly complicated in their beliefs, and documenting their stories keeps us fascinated in our own. Based in Portland, Oregon. See more information and our work here: www.alitafilms.com

Film / Video / Animation
Documentary Production, Documentary Filmmaking, Short-Form Video Production, Full-Service Production, Shooting and Editing, Non-Fiction Television
Television and Online Platforms including National Geographic, PBS, Discovery Digital, MSNBC, Aljazeera, as well as Non-Profit organizations.
contact: Jessica Sherry
phone: (516) 849-0289
Portland, OR