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Aaron Nelson (ANC)

A creative and technical artist who is as diverse in his on-set production knowledge as he is with his post-production skills, Aaron specializes in narrative cinematography and visual effects from conceptualization to software execution.

After doing his share of traveling around the globe and partaking in several fields of industry, he found himself in Portland, OR where he earned his BFA with honors. In the last few years, Aaron has gratefully expanded his knowledge of the filmmaking industry through opportunities of assisting independent film and commercial productions in the camera and lighting departments while compositing visual effects for local music venues, short films, and network television.
Whether working on his own personal projects or those of someone else, Aaron’s attention to detail and passion for expression is integrated within every project for which he takes part. Aaron has a varying range of life experiences that he feels is a priceless asset to any project. From the core values of honor, courage, and commitment of military service to the high-risk and technical can-do attitude of industrial diving and hydraulic mechanics, Aaron proves time and again that his ethics combined with his creative streak aids in visions coming true; on time and on budget.

Aaron’s primary focuses:
cinematography (narrative, underwater, stock footage)
-camera operation, assistant camera
-grip and rigging
-set lighting

visual effects
-digital compositing, image integration
-matte extractions via keying and rotoscoping
-point, planer, and 3D motion tracking
-digital matte painting, image manipulation

Film / Video / Animation
film, commercial, music video, camera operation, assistant camera, grip, lighting technician, lighting design, post-production, VFX, editing
Adidas, Comcast, Lacie, Wacom, NBC, Oregon DOT, City of Vancouver, musicians, gyms, independent
contact: Aaron Nelson
Portland, OR